Pokemon Following You Around: A Review

Pokemon Following You Around


Today, The Pokemon Company announced that Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl will let you keep one Pokemon out of its pokeball to run around the Sinnoh region with you.

  • Yes. Let the pocket monster be free of its metal prison.
  • Like, seriously, we capture these wild creatures and stuff them in a ball and they just live inside them forever???
  • Excited to walk around the Sinnoh region with god of space Palkia following my ten-year-old character around.
  • Literally one of the best features they ever implemented. This should be standard.
  • Raichu following me around like god intended.
  • Nothing. Pokemon deserve to be free.

Kenneth Shepard

Kenneth is a Staff Writer at Fanbyte. He still periodically cries about the Mass Effect trilogy years after it concluded.

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