My Co-Workers Harassing Phineas Because Of His Head Shape

my coworkers are being really mean to phineas from phineas and ferb because his head is shaped like a perfect tostito it's really mean.

My co-workers are being very mean to Phineas from the hit Disney Channel original animated show Phineas and Ferb just because his head would have made Pythagoras lose his fucking mind.

Just because Phineas' head looks like the broad side of the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, LB Hunktears felt that it was appropriate to say:

The fact that Phineas' head looks like the doorknobs on the entrance to the Illuminati's headquarters infuriated editor at large John Warren so much that he said:

Phineas' head being the reference for the Bass Pro Shop in Nashville compelled brand new News Editor Imran Khan to say:

It's unbelievably rude, all of this. He's a real child, with real feelings. And even though LB said this:

it doesn't change the fact that Phineas should be treated with the respect that any child whose head looks like one of the facets of Spaceship Earth at Epcot deserves.

It is Phineas and Ferb Day for Christ's sake. Have some respect.


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