PAX East 2020: A Review

PAX East 2020


PAX East is a games convention where gamers, fans, and geeks can play the latest titles, catch panels with industry leaders, and share their hobbies together.

  • Comparatively low attendance on first day made for a low-stress con experience
  • Getting to see friends and colleagues from around the country is always nice
  • Boston is very cold
  • I have severe, incapacitating depression
  • Neither of those is really PAX's fault though
  • But it did mean I spent a lot of the weekend in my hotel room
  • And I couldn't watch TV because it was stuck on that soap opera motion smoothing mode
  • You know what I'm talking about?
  • Saw two minutes of a Star Trek episode where Geordi has to work with a Romulan to escape a planet before I had to turn it off
  • Passions-looking ass

merritt k

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