Osiris: A Review


Osiris Spacewizard


Exiled from The Last City for his obsession with the Vex, Osiris continues to research and battle them on Mercury with his Ghost, Sagira.

  • Friends with Saint-14, so there's always a chance someone cooler with stop by
  • Not quite as insufferable as Toland
  • Built a time machine and left it outside and wouldn't you know it the bad guys found it and are using it to Cause Problems, please help
  • Every time I meet this guy I'm cleaning up his mistakes
  • "No, a mistake is something a man does, like going to war without a reason or executing a simpleton. What Osiris did is a whoopsie-daisy, like a baby or Warlock would do." - Zavala
  • Still insufferable enough to get himself exiled
  • What is it with Warlocks, anyway

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