New Final Fantasy XIV Launcher: A Review

Boot FFXIV. Get Gil. ??? Profit!

Final Fantasy XIV Launcher (Patch 5.1)


I only picked up FFXIV a month ago, to the date, and this launcher was the wax around the bottle cork in stopping me from revoking my credit card information from the Mog Shop before my subscription went through. It looks slick, cohesive, and not overwhelming, with a cool tan theme and a nice, subtle background picture that's easy on the eyes. Nor does the whole logging-in ordeal look sketchy anymore, kupo!

  • Doesn't feel like I downloaded a sketchy free-to-play 2008-era MMORPG
  • "Play" button doesn't look like it's from a pop-up ad from "free" anime video sites
  • Text doesn't invoke flashbacks of my comp-sci 101 programming textbooks
  • Makes me want to renew my subscription, which costs money
  • Not as edgy, which is unfitting because that's half the playerbase as I've experienced it so far
  • Honestly the "Play" window still kind of looks like a pop-up ad. But not as much!

Victoria Rose

Victoria is a Brooklyn-based, chaotic-good former dungeon master and a Contributor-At-Large for Fanbyte. She's a self-proclaimed esports pundit, and used to do Dota 2 news and reporting as a full-time part-time gig. She's also four red pandas stacked in a hoodie. [she/her/hers or they/their/theirs]

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