Muncher: A Review

Munchin' makes me feel good

After several outlets reported the first appearance of a new Ghostbusters ghost (who will appear in the upcoming Ghostbusters: Afterlife) in an episode of MasterChef Junior: Spain, Muncher has already taken the world by storm, winning our hearts and minds in record time.

But why? What’s so good about Muncher? What do we know about Muncher? Let’s take a deep dive and actually analyze whether this bulging blue spector is good or not.




Muncher seems great, but we don't know quite enough about him to say if he's perfect or not. He seems perfect though.

  • Muncher is blue with a pearlescent sheen— a great color for a funky little guy, reminiscent of the elephant dude from Jabba the Hutt's band.
  • Muncher is pudgy and round like a big fat baby.
  • Muncher has wrinkles on his face, which contrasts with his pudgy baby body and gives him complexity.
  • Muncher is a six-limbed individual. This gives him mystery. Is he an insect? A dude? What's going on? I love it.
  • Muncher has little hands. Haha. Look at them. Look at his fat little hands. What a king.
  • Muncher is smiling, but his heavy brow and dark eyes imply depth to his personality.
  • Muncher has no nose. He has moved past the need for noses.
  • As seen on Spanish MasterChef, Muncher inspires enterprising children to swim in goo.
  • Muncher is nude and hungry, which shows respect to his forbearers (Slimer).
  • I love Muncher and would die for him.
  • There's still a lot of unknowns about Muncher, so while there may not be any "CONS" per se, there are places where Muncher could disappoint us.
  • We haven't seen Muncher in motion, so maybe he moves in a way that sucks.
  • We have yet to hear Muncher's voice. So that might also be bad

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