Sergeant Benjamin Dancer in Mobius Front 83: A Review

What the hell is a spatchcocked turkey?

Mobius Front 83 is a really solid tactics game, from Zachtronics, makers of my 2019 GOTY, Eliza and many fine puzzle games, like SpaceChem and MOLEK-SYNTEZ. I’ve been enjoying it’s Into The Breach-y tactical combat, alternate universe 80s setting and colorful characters, perhaps none more than the man of many metaphors, Sergeant Benjamin Dancer.

mobius front 83 spatchcocked turkey

Dancer always seems to have a beautiful phrase at hand for every situation. I’ve only just met the man in the last cutscene, but he’s made a huge impression, with his expressions for wonderment: “Well, I’ll be fucked harder than a spatchcocked turkey,” for admonishing his driver for hitting potholes: “Gonna be sorer than a pig who lost a shit-eating contest,” and words of encouragement to his friends and colleagues: “tar your breeches.”

mobius front 83 pig contest

Dancer is a man of many words, indeed.


A colorful character in Mobius Front 83, who says a lot of wacky stuff.

  • Wild phrases that, so far, don’t seem to raise problematic alarm bells.
  • Made me look up spatchcock turkey, so that counts as enrichment.
  • The pig one legitimately made me chuckle.
  • Also, the cutscene and mission-select UI is really, really nice in this game, yeah?
  • I really hope this dude doesn’t say anything shitty, now that I’ve published this.

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