Michael Bublé’s Interpretation Of Perennial Christmas Classic Santa Baby: A Review

Wet dog smell for the ears. Finally!

Michael Bublé's Santa Baby: A Review


  • The backing track is really good. Maybe I'll purchase this on iTunes just so they get something out of this.
  • Michael keeps in the first "Santa Baby," probably for plausible deniability re: the title?
  • "Think of all the hotties I haven't kissed" is the barest glimmer of representation. Ten-year-old me would have relished it like a fine wine.
  • Also he still wants Santa to trim his tree. Whatever that means.
  • Go on, Michael, give us nothing! His energy is lurching at best. His cadence is weird!
  • Okay, I am probably just going to go through the most wild substitutions here.
  • Dude instead of dear? Michael, is there nobody you hold dear? You can tell me. Nobody is reading this far.
  • The (imo) definitive Eartha Kitt version has a whole stanza about a duplex and checks. You didn't have to substitute in "Canucks tix," Michael.
  • Pally? Poppy? Just say "baby." JUST SAY BABY.

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