Mark Wahlberg’s Appearance as Sully in the Uncharted Movie: A Review


Mark Wahlberg's Appearance as Sully in the Uncharted Movie


The Uncharted movie starring Wahlberg and Tom Holland will feature younger versions of both Nathan Drake and father-figure Sully as they do treasure hunter things in a time before the two were a seasoned professional duo. Holland works as a young Nathan Drake, Wahlberg's appearance as Sully seems to be missing some notable features.

  • Like Sully, Mark Wahlberg is certainly a human man.
  • That's literally just Mark Wahlberg in a suit.
  • Sully's defining physical characteristic is his iconic stache, which is notably missing here.
  • If Justice League can edit a mustache off of Henry Cavill's face, can Uncharted edit one onto Mark Wahlberg?

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