Mario Lopez as Colonel Sanders in Recipe for Seduction: A Review

Beloved heartthrob Mario Lopez is playing a sexy Colonel Sanders in a Kentucky Fried Chicken-sponsored Lifetime Original Mini-Movie. Holy Shit.

Fast Food conglomerate Kentucky Fried Chicken is sponsoring what I can only begin to describe as a semi-satirical, semi-commercial “mini-movie” starring one Mario Lopez as a very, very sexy version of KFC mascot “Colonel Sanders.” No, it’s not the bizarro universe we wanted, it may not even be the one we deserve, but here we are, and Mario Lopez, always a snack, is looking even… more the snack in the wild-ass preview for this thing, which will premiere next week, on December 13th.

Let’s see… he has the outfit (albeit in a short sleeve, form-fitting, bicep-complimenting fashion). He has the grays. And he has… oh my, he has the stache.’ The tiny goatee. The fake-as-shit little glasses. 

I don’t know how big Mr. Lopez’ paycheck was for this. I also can’t shake the sense that he smells vaguely of fried food, even though he looks (very much on purpose) like a man who smells delicious in other ways.


Mario Lopez in Recipe for Seduction


He looks fantastic, this "mini-movie," however, looks less so.

  • He looks good enough to eat.
  • The whole premise is kind of funny, in a terrible “we live in hell, might as well have a party!” kind of way.
  • Lifetime Original Mini-Movie, lol.
  • The whole thing is a fucking fast food commercial, and like, we shouldn’t be upset by this is 2020. We really shouldn’t. There are bigger fish (chicken?) to fry! It still gives me a headache though. God, I hope he has a Austin-Powers-esque nude scene where he runs around the scenery, with carefully arranged fast food buckets obscuring his own bits and ends.

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