Toon Link Dressed as Solid Snake: A Review

Someone has made a Wind Waker mod with Link all dressed up as Solid Snake — mullet included!

Twitter does not always inspire joy, but somehow, this morning, it did! I came across a tweet by Rick that shared several screenshots of a Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker mod featuring the adorable little guy looking even more adorable, dressed as Metal Gear’s Solid Snake.

He’s got everything: the outfit, the mullet, even the sword has been replaced by a stun knife! It’s not new, but I had never seen it before, and was therefore delighted to watch this cute trailer featuring Link-Snake doing stealthy things in the early game’s Forsaken Fortress!

Just look at the little guy go!

Later on in the mod, an intense-looking parachute replaces the Deku Leaf, a reflector replaces the mirror shield, and bow and arrows become a USP. Several sound effects are replaced as well.



  • The mullet really seals the deal
  • Look at his little feet when he’s hiding in a barrel!
  • Sense of attitude and style
  • Wind Waker is a already a great game, this just adds more flavor
  • I don’t know enough about Metal Gear Solid to make any great jokes here

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