Kirkland Signature 10″ Chocolate Cake Filled with Chocolate Mousse, a Review

Earlier this week, on Fanbyte podcast West Coast Office Hours, I found out that you no longer need to be a member to shop at Costco. To celebrate that, I got some stuff from Costco, including a cake. This cake. This

Kirkland Signature 10″ Chocolate Cake Filled with Chocolate Mousse

was purchased by me. I’ve never just bought a cake before. I didn’t know you could just buy a cake. I figured they would be able to tell whether or not you had a real party or celebration the cake was needed for and would deny you otherwise. This is not the case. You can just buy a cake. I learned a lot this week. Anyways, I just had a slice and would like to give my verdict.

Kirkland Signature 10" Chocolate Cake Filled with Chocolate Mousse


I now understand why people don't just buy entire cakes.

  • Sturdy
  • Neatly decorated
  • Is a cake, which is good
  • I'd probably think this cake was fine if I got it for free, and maybe giving people free cake is what this cake is intended for
  • Very large, a lot of cake for your money
  • It's not like full of blood or monsters or anything
  • Overly sweet in that way where the roof of your mouth gets numb
  • Tastes like free cake that you get at like a bank or something where they are offering free cake
  • It's so big
  • I don't want more of this cake
  • It is taking up a huge amount of space in my fridge
  • Why did I buy this?
  • I don't want this cake
  • What am I supposed to do with the rest of this cake I don't want?
  • There's so much cake and I don't want any of it

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