Kirby Jammin' Out

A gif of the little pink creature listening to music.


Pokemon World Championship Pays Tribute to a Classic 2014 Pachirisu Play

Pokemon World Championships Pays Tribute to a Classic 2014 Pachirisu Play

The Pokemon World Championships are taking place in London right now, and during the opening ceremony, The Pokemon Company paid tribute to one of the most iconic moments in competitive Pokemon history: when a player won the 2014 competitive tournament all thanks to a Pachirisu. In 2014, Korean competitor Se-jun…


Nexus Mods Bans User Who Modded Pride Flags Out of Spider-Man

Insomniac’s Spider-Man game is out on PC now, and from the sound of it, the port is pretty solid. Fanbyte’s own Mike Williams played the port, and says it’s a great example of how PlayStation’s PC ports have been finding their footing. But with all PC releases comes mods, and one particularly…