The Devil’s Own (Suit) in Hitman 3: A Review

The Asmodeus Waltz escalation mission in Hitman 3 lets you dress as a gorgeous golden demon.

I’ve been mightily enjoying the escalation contracts in Hitman 3. Ever-increasing challenges with specific targets, methods, and disguises, they require you to… at least think like a master assassin. I’ve just finished the Asmodeus Waltz, on the game’s Dubai level, which first asks you simply to kill targets. In the second stage of the escalation, you need to use a particular method to dispatch them. Each time, this handsome devil appears playfully near the target, like a little party monster. But he was just an apparition who glitches out of existence.

On the third and final tier, you have to play as him, with no outfit changes. And you need to dispatch each target with a glitzy golden gun.

Needless to say, this took me a few tries. So I became very familiar with this gorgeous suit, with every fold in its luscious fabric. With the horny mask. With the way 47 wears that thing — or perhaps, truly, with the way it wears him.


The Devil's Own Suit in Hitman 3


It's slick, it's stylish, it's everything you may not want as a master assassin trying to blend in, but damn, it looks fine.

  • Very Bond villain
  • That mask says it all: party monster, likes to keep it casual, knows how to have a good time
  • Looks great in the mirror
  • Very funny when crouching/in melee combat
  • Gold is fancy
  • That BOWTIE!
  • Very Bond villain

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