How Extra Guilty Gear Strive Is: A Review


Guilty Gear -Strive-


Guilty Gear -Strive- is the latest entry in Arc System Works' flagship fighting game franchise, a series known for its over-the-top presentation and fighting game-ass storyline. Strive manages to be extra even by Guilty Gear standards.

  • In-engine feature-length animated film instead of a traditional story mode
  • Glossary contains hundreds of entries with phrases like "an artificial life-form created by That Man to restore Justice back to Aria"
  • The first event listed on Strive's expansive, century-spanning timeline is the formation of the United Nations in 1945
  • Correlation Charts (seen above), of which there are nine, are deeply interactive and allow users to click on characters and their relationships for more context
  • Every match begins with over 100 words of on-screen text
  • Frantic in-match camera and enormous font treatments should be completely intrusive but somehow work and are totally radical
  • You gotta really want to see this stuff to find the good parts
  • Gloriously excessive presentation doesn't translate to gameplay mode diversity

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