Greedo Says ‘Maclunkey’ Now: A Review


Greedo Says 'Maclunkey' Now


Disney+ is here, bringing with it 4K remasters of the original Star Wars trilogy. It wouldn't be a Star Wars re-release without some unnecessary post-production fiddling, so now Greedo says "Maclunkey" right before he and Han Solo exchange blaster fire.

  • """""Maclunkey"""""
  • Inherently funny
  • Gave me one brief moment of joy
  • One more needless adulteration of the original material
  • Creates yet another version of this damn movie that archivists must now track and preserve
  • Can we please stop fiddling with the corpse of this poor dead scene, George

Jordan Mallory

Jordan Mallory has spent more than a decade in the games industry and is now severely ill-equipped to work in other fields as a result. Right now he's eating generic Frosted Flakes out of a red party cup and wondering why he chose to rewrite his bio at 5:31 a.m.

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