Goomba from Super Mario Bros. (1993): A Review

From the beginning of time, Mario and his friends have faced off against the fearsome Goomba. These iconic, mushroom-like bad guys were given new life in the Super Mario Bros. movie, where they took the form of buff, small headed dinosaurs. This particular Goomba is actually Toad after he underwent the de-evolution process.

After watching the film recently, I’m here to tell you it is a strangely comforting nightmare. And that’s all due to the Goomba design.




  • They seem happy. Look at that smile!
  • Trenchcoat signifies a sense of passion
  • Can only be born through de-evolution
  • Lifelike to a fault
  • Showcases the darkest parts of the Mushroom Kingdom. Why has it come to this?

Fūnk-é Joseph

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