Fenris from Dragon Age 2 Tells a Dog She’s a Good Girl: A Review

Thank you, Andraste, for your blessing.

Dragon Age 2


A Dragon Age fan requested Gideon Emery to read a panel from the comic Blue Wraith, which centers on Dragon Age 2's Fenris. The panel shows Fenris telling a mabari that she is a very good girl.

  • Fenris.
  • Gideon Emery.
  • Gideon Emery as Fenris.
  • Fenris loves dogs, it's confirmed.
  • Fenris is a very good boy, too.
  • I no longer want to be a human??? I just want to be a mabari.
  • I miss Fenris.
  • I miss Dragon Age.
  • I am in pain.
  • BioWare, a crumb of Dragon Age 4, please. As a treat.

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