Ethan Winters’ Hands: A Review

Let's give the poor guy a hand.

Ethan Winters' hands, rendered in loving, disgusting detail.


  • Magical water reattaches his severed limbs (and his jacket??) like pieces of Lego, which is very fucking funny
  • The abuse his hands endure is the only interesting development about Ethan
  • The hand in the RE Engine logo is significantly more symbolic now
  • If his bottle of magic water causes "spontaneous cellular regeneration," why the fuck does his left hand stay bandaged and bloody?
  • Even the love of his life, Mia, hates his goddamn hands
  • Seriously, she cut one off at the beginning of Resident Evil 7; this keeps happening
  • You gotta hand it to Capcom, they've made fertile ground for absolutely ham-fisted puns

Elise Favis

Elise is Fanbyte’s features and trending editor. She previously worked at The Washington Post and Game Informer.

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