Earthbound Not Being on the SNES Switch Online Service: A Review


Earthbound Not Being on the SNES Switch Online Service


Earthbound is a beloved 1994 roleplaying game for the Super Nintendo. It is not available in the Switch's SNES library.

  • Not being able to play Earthbound protects people from developing an obsessive relationship with it
  • Other great titles available on the Nintendo Switch Online service include Super E.D.F. Defense Force, Joe & Mac 2, and Operation Logic Bomb
  • Video games have become a disposable medium, the preservation of which is left up to loose networks of hobbyists and conservationists whose efforts are constantly hampered by companies unwilling to do the work of making their libraries available themselves
  • I was going to play it this weekend
  • Maybe I'll smoke some PCP instead
  • You could have prevented this, Nintendo

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  1. The problem with earthbound and mother 3 is that there are alot of tiny copyright tidbits and music that literally every sue-happy lawyer would pounce on to get their piece of Nintendo! It’s just a headache for Nintendo to comb through this massive game and change everything.

  2. Does Nintendo own the rights for Earthbound? If they don’t, they should. If they do, shame on them for depriving Earthbound gamers of their Right to play the game. Someone dropped the ball and should be terminated from Nintendo immediately. They obviously have no knowledge of video games.

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