Dragon Age 2 Being on Steam’s Top Sellers List in 2020: A Review

Anders thinks he knows justice, but this is the justice we're talking about.

Dragon Age 2


Earlier this week, Dragon Age 2, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and many other EA games arrived on Steam. While Inquisition is known for its great commercial success, Dragon Age 2 didn't sell anywhere near as much, nor was it received as positively. But, as ex-Dragon Age series Creative Director Mike Laidlaw points out, it seems we're correcting that in 2020, aren't we?

  • It's a good Dragon Age game!
  • It's a good game, period!
  • Think of a game made in the same incredibly tight schedule Dragon Age 2 was.
  • Think about whether it's as good.
  • Whether its characters are as rich and nuanced.
  • And attractive.
  • You can't, can you? Thought so.
  • And for only $10...you love to see it.
  • No, seriously, it's good. It's a story that touches on subjects like immigration, family, and the myth of political neutrality. It delves deeply into the mage and templar conflict, which is one of the driving forces of the Dragon Age universe as a whole. Its combat is much less slow than in Dragon Age: Origins. It shows its characters don't revolve around you like a typical protagonist-centered story in some clever ways. Sarcastic Hawke is incredibly good. And so is Fenris. And Isabela. And your mabari.
  • Yes, it reuses a lot of assets and the dungeons and environments all look the same. Some dialogue choices don't logically progress in the way they should. Zevran and Alistair aren't cute in this game. And what about it?
  • Nothing else. It's getting what it deserves.

Natalie Flores

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  1. I love Dragon age 2 its my Fav DA game, i love The Stories and characters . Im glad it got some attention Anders and Fenris are my loves…..

  2. I remember being one of the few people that absolutely loved Dragon Age 2. It became especially apparent I had different tastes than the average Dragon Age fan when I would post about preferring DA2 over Inquisition.

    I’m glad the game is finally getting its due.

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