Commander Shepard’s Stamina: A Review


Commander Shepard's Stamina


In the original Mass Effect, Commander Shepard couldn't sprint out of combat. That's changed in the Legendary Edition remasters. But it's only for a limited time, and just how limited it is says a lot about the first human Spectre's physical stamina.

  • However brief it might be, Shepard does have a moment of increased movement speed.
  • *Sia's "The Greatest" plays off in the distance*
  • My friend, how are you able to do normal soldier things if you can only sprint for a four uninterrupted seconds before you're huffing and puffing?
  • Maybe if your form was better you'd be able to add a few seconds to your run time.
  • You're never gonna catch Saren with that attitude.

Kenneth Shepard

Kenneth is a Staff Writer at Fanbyte. He still periodically cries about the Mass Effect trilogy years after it concluded.

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