Call of FUJI BJJ Gi: A Review

All you ever wanted for Christmas is a Call of Duty joke gi, right?

When I first saw this gi in my inbox —as a fan of most Fuji brand gi and no-gi apparel—I snort-laughed. Fuji makes really good gear for grappling sports (the sport that I do, think wrestling, judo and ground fighting), and they’ve certainly made some jokey products before (like their decidedly lumbersexual lumberjack-styled no-gi gear), but this is the first thing I’ve seen that’s… just a joke?

fuji lumberjack rashguard

Now, it must be said, I’m not above goofy grappling gear. This lil number right here is one of my favorite rashguards to compete in. But this is just a play on words!

See, Fuji sounds kind of like duty! Call of Fuji! Call of Duty!

Admittedly, the secondary joke here is kind of cute. Instead of “Black Ops,” the subtitle is “joint locks,” which actually rhymes and is a whole class of submission in the sport, so, that works for me.

There’s also an off-brand Punisher skull (in two places!) and extremely COD-ass logo treatment, and the whole thing is a gunmetal gray. I guess they were going for the gamer Jiu Jitsu market here? There are certainly some actual combat veterans and active duty military folks in the sport, but I tend to think they may not be as excited as, say, a new white belt who also has a sweet KTD ratio and puts punisher logos all over his pickup. And gets upset when a smaller woman submits him. 

Maybe I’m being too specific here.


Fuji's Call of Fuji BJJ Gi


I mean, it's probably good! But it's not going to make you better at shooting virtual people OR choking real ones, so.

  • It’s a Fuji gi, so it’ll probably wear well and last a long time.
  • I do like the gray, if nothing else.
  • Off brand punisher logo. Really?
  • It’s a pretty doofy joke.
  • What’s next, a Dark Souls gi? Bloodborne? The Shadow of Y’armbar? Actually, my dumbass would probably buy that one, so I shouldn’t joke.

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