Baptiste’s ‘Tropical’ Summer Games Skin in Overwatch: A Review


Baptiste's Summer Games Skin in Overwatch


The Summer Games event in Overwatch is our annual reminder that the characters in Blizzard's hero shooter are, indeed, hot. For those attracted to men, Baptiste is up near the top of a numbered ranking of most attractive Overwatch heroes. This year for Summer Games, Blizzard threw us a bone. Baptiste gets a breezy, light-blue button up and white shorts combo, with some sexy shades to keep the sun out of his eyes....but then his damn exo boots got in the way.

  • It's about damn time Baptiste got out of that armor and into something a little more comfortable.
  • Arm porn.
  • He's got a watch now so he always knows how much time there is left to get the payload where it is he needs to go.
  • Is one of the only times Baptiste's skins has felt in line with his carefree attitude.
  • "That's a man I've got in my sights." - Soldier: 76
  • What steampunk nonsense is this on his legs? They're killing the beach theme, along with my vibe.
  • Baptiste doesn't skip leg day and you cover them up with these oversized boots? FREE THEM. Sure, they're combat-ready, but literally nothing else about this outfit is.
  • Ultimately, since Overwatch is a first-person game I'll barely get to see him looking like a snack anyway.
  • I guess I have to unlock this in a damn loot box now, huh? Or spend all my saved up in-game money on it...probably gonna do the latter.

Kenneth Shepard

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