The Meme Shirt in Animal Crossing: New Horizons: A Review

Yes, there is a cat with laser-shooting eyeballs shirt in Animal Crossing

There are hundreds of clothing items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Fits for every taste. I, myself, have compiled an impressive collection of athleisure wear and dad-style Hawaiian shirts, staples of my own, supremely gay real-life wardrobe.

But there’s nothing quite like the Meme Shirt. I’m not sure, exactly, how the designers and artists chose the meme: the cat shooting lasers out of its eyes from… god, what, the late aughts? Perhaps earlier? Maybe it’s the iconic visual design that fits neatly on the teeny-tiny shirt dimensions. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s so internet, but not mean or shitty or possibly racist, as so many memes can be. Maybe it’s just an all-time fave of an artist on the AC team.

Whatever the reason, this is one of the cutest little things in the cutest game. Thanks to my partner Viki, for sending this to me via Dodo mail, and Sprocket, the robot-bird-jock on their island that gave them one.

The meme shirt in Animal Crossing: New Horizons


One of the best shirts in a game of many, many shirts.

  • Cute as hell
  • A recognizable meme without being mean or shitty
  • It’s such an old meme, that makes it better, somehow
  • None, this is great. Great!

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