A Random Man in The Last of Us Part II Dabbing to Death: A Review

King shit.


The Last of Us Part II


Someone posted a clip on Twitter of a particularly wonderful moment in the late parts of The Last of Us Part II (and unintentional since it's a glitch). I will offer no spoilery context because, frankly, it's not necessary. Nothing is necessary to enjoy what is a clip of pure art. You're just meant to enjoy it.

This score has been meticulously calculated. This king did a total of 18 dabs, but I subtracted 9 for the total amount of times that he cursed (cursing is not king shit), bringing the score to 9 points. I then subtracted an additional 4 over the two times he shouted a gendered slur at Ellie, doubly counting them because Ellie is my wife. This brought the dabbing to a total score of 5. For living and dying on his own terms, I gave him an extra point, concluding this man's performance in his last moments as being worthy of a 6. Except I then took 0.5 off for him being so sensitive over a car's rear glass being broken. So, a 5.5.

  • Mans just held absolutely no fear in the face of a powerful murderous lesbian.
  • If you're gonna go out, you might as well do it like this. Dancing, dabbing, whatever.
  • Just going out on your own terms...in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by infected zombies and murderous humans? That's pretty metal tbh.
  • Reminds me of the only time I played Dark Souls. Immediately upon starting, I found a cliff to throw myself off of. If I was going to die hundreds of times anyway, I wanted my first time to be on my terms.
  • He has the energy to angrily shout even while holding his rapidly bleeding side and dabbing. Kinda have to stan.
  • I like the way he just...goes to sleep and/or dies. Just curls up into a ball and is like, "I'm done." It's such a big mood.
  • Goodnight, sweet prince.
  • He calls Ellie a bitch twice.
  • The only bitch here is me, for Ellie and Dina.
  • Otherwise, gendered slurs are unnecessary.
  • He's clearly having a bad time and that kinda sucks for anyone, you know?
  • Except for Seth and his bigot sandwiches. Hope you're having a bad time, bro.

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