What Your Granblue Fantasy Versus Main Was Like in High School

Think you've found a cool fighting game character? Think again. We were all dweebs once...

If you’re new to Granblue Fantasy Versus, and you’ve got no idea how to pick your main, we can finally help. Forget MBTI profiles, astrology, or what your shared kinks are. The only way to really get to know someone is to have seen them at their most cursed — so here’s what every Granblue Fantasy Versus character was like in high school, for your viewing pleasure. If we any of these profiles unearth hard truths or teenage trauma, well, at least you’ll know exactly which character is the one for you.

Granblue Fantasy Versus High School


There’s no point mincing words when it comes to Granblue Fantasy’s leading man (or possibly lady in the mobile game). Ever watched Sex Education: the British TV series about an awkward boy and his sex therapist mother? Gran was the fantasy version of that boy, but without the side hustle. He got shoved into lockers a whole lot, was in touch with his sensitive side, but also didn’t listen to any music that would have taught him how to really treat women like people. We reckon he stayed up a little too late online wondering about the jock versus nice guy dichotomy of his mates, but also would never have been rude enough to say anything about it. Gran got by, did the bare minimum when it came to extracurriculars, and had a largely inoffensive high school experience that culminated in going to exactly one (1) party at a cool kid’s house in senior year.

Granblue Fantasy Versus High School


You know how you had that one friend who absolutely loved having no free time? That’s Katalina. Band practice, volleyball, rotary club: and that was just on a Monday. Never a hair out of place unless it was on purpose, you always got the sense that Katalina was looking for God in the form of an equation only visible in a packed schedule and an organized existence. Coping mechanisms and assessing one’s self-worth based on how many things they can commit to at once? Katalina was every ferociously overachieving kid who was told they were gifted before the education system did nothing about it.

Granblue Fantasy Versus High School


Charlotta was in high school for a good time, but not a particularly long time. The way she is now definitely smacks of a personality that knew way too much about the former. Charlotta has a big heart and probably had an even bigger ego back in the day. If someone was getting detention for having too much fun, you can bet Charlotta was around. She never backed down from a fight, though, which won her the loyalty of everyone in her clique. It also made half the substitute staff quit in your final year (something that everyone’s going to bring up at her wedding, whenever that happens).

Granblue Fantasy Versus High School


While everyone else was doing keg stands and handing in their math homework on time, Lancelot was literally studying the blade. His MySpace profile was meticulously designed, with custom HTML, right down to scrolling header of The Used lyrics (because My Chemical Romance was “criminally overrated”). Lancelot wanted snakebites and looked up how to give himself home piercings, only to chicken out at the last minute. He then repeated the process every few months when he thought a cute chick in AP Biology was giving him A Look. Kendo was love; kendo was life. Now, it looks like he’s replaced that with keto, but we’re not judging.

Granblue Fantasy Versus High School


If you thought Lancelot was going to shack up with somebody in school, your money at the time would have been on Ferry. He was an emo boy, she was a skater-adjacent girl with a sibling complex. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. No one spent a whole lot of time with Ferry and you figured she had a tough home life, if only because she listened to a lot of Paramore. Plus when you had to talk about your favorite movies in class, hers was just Donnie Darko five times over. Ferry’s phone was covered in My Melody stickers, and she kept dyeing her hair even though she knew it was against the rules. That being said, while you saw a lot of Ferry, no one could have told you what she was actually like or what she’d do once you all graduated. Mysterious.

Granblue Fantasy Versus High School


If there was one thing that you were confident Ladiva loved in high school, it was wrestling. We’re not talking the Undertaker. If you ever wanted to talk to Ladiva about anything, your best bet would be Los Ingobernables de Japon — even if it was just to hear her affirm that SANADA was far superior to Tetsuya Naito. Ladiva spent most of senior year pumping iron and flitting around more social groups than Zeta. No matter what you were into, Ladiva probably had an opinion on it. Final Fantasy? Football? Magic: The Gathering? She could easily corner a conversation on any topic drawn out of a hat, which would have made her far more popular if she hadn’t been so determined to only wear jorts.

Granblue Fantasy Versus High School


Percival’s entire life was student politics. You can’t remember a time when he didn’t enjoy wielding power: even when it was being a hall monitor in fifth grade. Model UN, track, chess club, he managed to do a whole bunch of conflicting hobbies without ever getting bullied for them and it was probably just because he was well fit. Everyone remembers that yearbook moment (you know, when you were all 12) where Percival threw a tantrum because faculty thought him using a Machiavelli quote was age-inappropriate. He started reading up on separatist states in senior year and talking about life and liberty a lot, but somehow still crushed it with the girls on every drive-through cinema date. Not a whole lot has changed since then.

Granblue Fantasy Versus High School


If you thought your parents were strict, they had nothing on Metera’s. If you ever wanted to hang out, you knew you had to have her back by a curfew, even after prom. Metera was a classic introvert most of the time, though you reckon she really came alive in drama class and when she was around her closest friends. She was always around to help with homework, even if it was a relatively thankless job. You secretly thought that she let people walk all over her a little too much. However, after her parents’ divorce in senior year, and her subsequent glow-up when she discovered the power of eyeliner and lip gloss, it was like a whole new world. You weren’t sure if Metera’s gal pals wanted to be her or be with her, but you were definitely jealous.

Granblue Fantasy Versus High School


Zeta transferred over one year with her brother, Vaseraga, but while his yearbook bio might have said “himbo,” hers was definitely “social butterfly”. Anyone who didn’t know Zeta eventually wanted to — whether because she was the flavor of the month, or because of her effervescent personality. If there was a party, Zeta was at it. If someone was smoking behind the sheds, Zeta was bumming a cigarette off them. If you wanted to do something for the first time, you could rest assured that Zeta already had and that she’d be willing to hold your hand. You reckon she would have been the mom friend if she hadn’t been so concerned with making people believe that everything was okay all the time.

Granblue Fantasy Versus High School


Lowain was a prime example of the urban myth of a non-problematic jock. He opened doors for you if he saw you coming, always saved the new kid a seat at lunch, and was voted Most Likely to Become Famous. Sure, he bandied about with his mates and never passed up the opportunity for locker room banter, but he was sensitive. Different. Oh, Lowain cooks on the weekends! So what if he throws knives with unerring accuracy and had a girlfriend one year who ended up transferring schools and disappearing off the face of the earth? Lowain was harmless to mostly everyone in high school. A true soft boi who respected women so long as he was able to uh, constantly disrespect them.

Granblue Fantasy Versus High School


Vaseraga was the mysterious transfer student who showed up one year with his sister, Zeta. You’re not sure where they came from exactly… but you just had a feeling it’d be rude to ask. Widely credited with bringing your high school’s football team to successive wins, and sending your coach into an aneurysm when a Notre Dame recruiter showed up at a home game, Vaseraga was a relatively gentle giant. The first and last words he ever spoke to you were “Could you please open a window?” while you were chundering into Gran’s sink after a tailgate.


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