The Top 5 PUBG Mobile Influencers for Every Player

Here are the folks to watch on Twitch and YouTube if you love PUBG Mobile.

The advent of Twitch and YouTube has made it so nobody needs to feel alone when playing a video game. We stick a stream on not necessarily always for the entertainment value, but sometimes for companionship — to feel that we’re among friends long after they’ve gone home.

But beyond watching and reacting to live gameplay, stream VoDs and thoughtfully produced YouTube videos can go a long way to inspiring our next obsession and ever help grow our own gameplay. Whether you’re already deep into the game or are just getting started, to help you find your next role model, we’ve rounded up the top five PUBG Mobile influencers for every player.


I told myself I wouldn’t include Powerbang on this list. Not through some petty spite, but because he’s more or less a household name when it comes to PUBG Mobile. If you’ve been playing the game for more than a week, you already know his name. But this isn’t a popularity contest, nor is it a list of small-time content creators you might have missed. It’s a list of PUBG Mobile streamers who genuinely offer something of worth to their audience, and with 215 MILLION views to his name, he’s offered something to a lot of people.

Powerbang is a true mobile gamer. He plugged away at Clash of Clans for years before PUBG Mobile came along to catapult his career. Now, he’s basically a brand ambassador. If there’s a PUBG Mobile event going on, you better believe he’ll pop up in photos on the game’s official Twitter page. Powerbang posts numerous times a week. After all, barely a day goes by that Tencent doesn’t toss another outfit or gun skin into the cash shop. So when he’s not crushing his opponents and passing that knowledge onto us lowly scrubs, he’s trying his luck and shining a spotlight on the many hackers a man with his playtime comes across.

He’s kind enough to feature a quick clip of a video’s defining moment before diving into the rest, so you always go into a video knowing what to expect. There’s no wasted time with this guy.

Who should watch this one? Those who want to be part of something bigger.


Another familiar face of the PUBG Mobile Twitter account as of late, Monica is the embodiment of a hype train. While she hasn’t been in front of the camera specifically for very long, you wouldn’t guess while watching her content. As the manager of Tempo Storm’s professional PUBG Mobile team, she knows her way around the game, but it’s through her match casts that you’ll really notice the depth of her knowledge.

There’s sometimes the idea floating around that casters are just players who lack the reaction times needed to turn their stellar understanding of strategy and tactics into wins. Whether that’s true here or not, Monica’s infectious and inspirational shouts will have you grabbing your phone for another match by the time she’s through. Her rapid analysis of professional matches serves as a reminder of just how many split decisions PUBG Mobile players makes every second, and how you can harness the information available to you. Monica passes on her deep understanding of the game to help you improve your own.

Who should watch? Those in need of a morale boost.

The Bushka

While he might not win on the channel aesthetics front, The Bushka makes up for his graphical shortcomings with worthwhile information and analysis. One thing I learned in my early days of competitive multiplayer was to rely on replays to better yourself the next time around. The rapid rise of video capturing hasn’t just made it easier for players to stream their content to others, but to quickly see what went wrong in a run so that we can take steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

The Bushka uses footage as a teaching tool — and does so frequently. Having put out three videos in the last week alone, you can subscribe to his channel knowing you’ll have another lesson to learn practically every other day. He’s an avid supporter of “surfing the blue”; that is, staying close to the edge of the ring at all times.

From that alone, you can tell he’s a player who likes to live dangerously — which can be a massive change for those who think staying well within the ring is the only way to play. He thinks outside the box (and the ring), and his teachings on how to deal with and apply pressure can really offer something of worth to those who almost always play things a little too safe.

Who should watch? Those looking to seriously improve.


With 350,000 subs under his belt, The7WorldsGaming isn’t quite as big as Powerbang, but he’s amassed a following that’s certainly not to be sniffed at. Thnk of this man as a go-between. He’s not so big for you to feel like your sub means nothing, but he’s not big enough to get caught up in any weird controversies.

This man is quite the character. He’s the loud, boisterous type of PUBG Mobile player. The kind of person you’d expect to see screaming maniacally at a ball game, or even at the TV. It could be a case of first impression syndrome, but if you’re the more reserved type, his energetic personality might be a bit much. If not, The7WorldsGaming has a lot to offer. While he splits his times between a few different games, the brunt of his channel revolves around PUBG Mobile. Better yet, he’s really into the esports scene, so you’ll see player interviews spring up whenever a major tournament comes around.

If you do happen to gel with his personality, there’s a lot more of him out there. Unlike other YouTubers, he uploads gameplay of other titles to completely different channels, so you won’t see his racing shenanigans on the one linked above. He has a channel for racing games, a Spanish-speaking one for Call of Duty Mobile, and others for… more PUBG Mobile. It isn’t clear exactly why he has two channels for the same game, but that just means there’s even more of his content out there for you to gleefully consume.

Who should watch? Those looking for content variety


I came across Merms through a real quick search for PUBG Mobile on Twitch. She could have been buried by any number of other streamers, but her punctuality keeps her on top. She’s certainly no pro from what I can tell, but why does she need to be? Look above if you want the stellar gameplay, but look to her if you want someone close to your own skill level by your side. Someone to reassure you that it’s impossible to win every game.

It’s easy to pick apart your own skills when you spend all day watching the best of the best dominate the leaderboards, so switching over to InkedMermaidxx and her buddies can bring equilibrium to your mindset.

The fact that she streams EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. at 11 AM (AUS time) means unless you’re in Europe, she’s probably streaming while you’re just chilling on the couch. She’s not the most popular streamer out there right now, but that can be just the ticket for the more shy players out there. You can hop into her stream and know that your messages won’t get crushed under the weight of a chat channel moving faster than the speed of sound. Merms and her Guppy Club friends will welcome you with open arms.

You need to sub to her to see old videos, so the best you can do is hope she’s streaming whenever you press this link. It’s a little ironic now that I think about it. Lucky for all of us, she made an attempt at YouTube before dedicating herself to Twitch (and Instragram).

Who should watch this one? The average player.

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