PUBG Mobile Tips to Learn From the WSB GME Short Squeeze

Meme stocks, serious tips.

Over the last couple of weeks, media outlets around the world have reported on the investment drama surrounding Reddit’s WallSteetBets (WSB) forum, GME, AMC, and other “meme stocks.” What started as a righteous crusade to punish wealthy hedge funds making bank off failing companies and their soon-to-be jobless staff quickly became a debacle of lost life savings and turmoil.

For some early adopters, it was a once in a lifetime way to multiply their earnings in record time; for the late-comers bewitched by mainstream news and social media, it was a way to help pay the bills during an unprecedented time of uncertainty. Whether you got involved or not, the vital market lessons many learned can apply to your PUBG Mobile career as well.

PUBG Mobile exit strategy

Always have an exit strategy

WallStreetBets and the GME debacle all played out through the idea of retail investors initiating a short squeeze. By snatching up stock and inflating the price, hedge funds looking to buy back borrowed shares at an all-time low would be forced to pay excruciating highs. “Hold” became a strategy retail investors adopted to force the price up. With the ceiling being pushed each time, media hype spurred late-comers to buy in at unreasonable prices. Each market high became the default price for each round of new investors, creating uncertainty around the eventual exit strategy. And without one, a win was never in the cards.

In PUBG Mobile, whether you’re attacking or defending a position, having an exit strategy is essential. Rush in unprepared, and you could back yourself up into a corner. Before you go to storm a camp, think about how you’ll get out if things get tough. What will you do if you face opposition on the way, or get pinned by another squad? If you see enemies approaching your position, do you have the supplies to fight, or should make a break for it? A backup plan is essential. Coordinate before committing to a big decision, and learn to read the room at any given moment so you know exactly when to switch gears.

PUBG Mobile Metro Royale

Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose

At the tail end of the WSB event, “Loss Porn” became a common sight — screenshots of staggering declines of personal wealth. For some, it was like a badge of honor: Proof that they went in big and held the line, bringing the fight to the hedge funds rather than making out like a bandit with monumental gains. For others, it was a lesson to be learned: Don’t bet your month’s rent on a hunch, much less your livelihood.

And the same goes for PUBG Mobile. Sort of… For one, don’t gamble your life savings on a slim chance of grabbing the fourth new skin of the week. And similar numbers-based advice applies to ranked matches, too. Remember: PUBG Mobile is a survival game. You’re rewarded for lasting longer than others. If you’re riding the highs of the competitive ladder, hot-dropping alongside 20 other players probably isn’t the most risk-free way of living long enough to reach the Top 10. When the royal pass demands you reach Gold or Platinum for a healthy boost of RP, playing it safe can earn you ranked points far faster than attempting to take on four armed soldiers with your bare fists. If you can’t face dropping down a rank, don’t play for kills. Play to survive.

PUBG Mobile loss

Don’t get involved without considering the consequences

As word of GME, AMC, and other stocks hit the media, the idea of massive short-term gains bewitched those thinking they could suddenly increase their pay packets ten-fold overnight. To some, the media buzz made it seem fool-proof, with the consequences of their actions becoming a moot point not worth calculating.

The moral of this lesson is to not get involved in something dangerous when you don’t really need to. In this analogy, it relates to not getting involved in an unnecessary fight. Betting should only ever be done when the loss ultimately doesn’t matter and the win will make a difference. In PUBG Mobile, any conflict has the chance to end in a lost match. Unless your target is the only one between you and victory, the risk of losing far outweighs the reward of winning. Don’t pick a fight if you don’t have to. Let someone else take the risk.

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