The 10 Best Weapon Names in Monster Hunter Rise

There’s no shortage of weapons with which to hit big lizards in Monster Hunter Rise, and there’s sure to be no shortage of debates on which are the most effective at that task, either. I’m not interested in efficacy, though. What I’m interested in are the names that the localization team gave these weapons. Sure, most of them are things like “Dark Cutblade” and “Greataxe of Flamefire,” but they got silly on some of them. Here are ten of my favorites.

Monster Hunter Rise

10. Terracutter

This Great Sword not only does respectable Water damage, it’s got a fun name that references Jyuratodus’s propensity to cover itself in mud and clay. Get it? Terracotta?

Monster Hunter Rise

9. Axe Semper Tyrannis

A returning favorite from Monster Hunter World, Axe Semper Tyrannis is a Switch Axe made from Diablos parts. Its name is a reference to the Latin phrase “sic semper tyrannis,” which means “thus always to tyrants” and has been attributed to Brutus during the assassination of Julius Caesar. Thus, Axe Always to Tyrants.

Monster Hunter Rise

8. Axenosom

Another Switch Axe, Axenosom is a weapon crafted from the Aknosom monster. It’s literally just the name of the monster but with Axe in it, which rules. Sadly, when fully upgraded it becomes the kind of boring “Daybreak Silvaris,” instead of something like “Axe You a Question.”

Monster Hunter Rise

7. Poison Fungusax

It’s a saxophone made out of a mushroom that poisons monsters, and its name manages to convey all of that in just two words. Beautiful.

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Monster Hunter Rise

6. Cawscythe

This is as close as they could get to calling this Longsword a Crowbar without anyone getting mad at them.

Monster Hunter Rise

5. Abominable Bowgun

Yes, there are other “abominable” weapons made from the claws and teeth of the fearsome Goss Harag, but none of them sound quite as close to “abominable snowman” as this Light Bowgun does.

Monster Hunter Rise

4. Rathling Gun

How could you not like this? It’s a Tommy gun with dragon parts stuck to it. The dragon is called a Rathalos. Ergo.

Monster Hunter Rise

3. Splish Splax

Goodnight Springton. There will be no encores.”

Monster Hunter Rise

2. Howlitzer

My only regret regarding this name is that they called this one the Howlitzer instead of the Bowgun that’s just a wooden dog that shoots cannon shells out of its mouth.

Monster Hunter Rise

1. Eager Cleaver

Unbelievable that they would call a Longsword this. Incredible. But nothing gold can stay, because upgrading the Eager Cleaver changes it into the “Devil Slicer,” a much less evocative name when you consider that most of the weapons in Monster Hunter are designed to slice devils. Oh well — we’ll always have Low Rank.


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