PUBG Mobile Players Vote for Which Map They’d Visit in Real Life

Turns out PUBG Mobile players do have taste!

This time last year, I wrote about the best PUBG Mobile locations I’d like to live in, completely disregarding the fact that each and every spot is a fictional warzone designed to have you be slain like a feral hog or rewarded with a single warm meal for butchering others. It isn’t a good premise for a loving home, especially now that an honest to god horror game The Callistro Protocol is part of its overarching lore.

Since then, though, PUBG Mobile has introduced Livik — a quaint, Eastern European-inspired landscape filled with flowers, meadows, and waterwheels. While still absolutely a place of death and despair, the game’s Twitter audience would seemingly prefer to die there more than anywhere else in-game, voting it to the top after an official tweet asked where players would like to drop into if given the chance. Jumping at any excuse to type out roman numerals like I’m citing my favorite Final Fantasy games, I got to work sifting through well over a hundred random responses to tally a list of the least and most popular PUBG Mobile maps players would visit in real life.

PUBG Mobile Los Leones

5. Miramar

As one of only two maps mentioned by name in the tweet, Miramar was actually the least popular map of the bunch. It’s not surprising, really. Known for its desert aesthetic and harsh climate, it’s technically the biggest map in the game if we’re going off actual traversable land, yet vicious sandstorms and dilapidated buildings don’t do much to convince tourists it’s worthy of their time. It’s largely devoid of nature, as expected, and though it certainly has cities, it’s not the most picturesque landscape you can drop into. Sorry, Miramar. Maybe you shouldn’t have turned “mad” after that remaster. Nothing says happy vacation more than being strapped to the hood of a passing car like an ornament. But hey, at least it has vending machines. Hydration is important.

4. Sanhok

Securing only one vote more than Miramar is the map that was tested under the codename Savage. That’s not a great start. Though players actually didn’t get a specific reason for voting for this in the first place, it’s humid air and jungle aesthetic were likely part of the decision process, ultimately made better by the more balanced weather of the winning map. Sanhok was the smallest map of the bunch for a while. Now, with the extended map pool, it’s something of an awkward middle child.

PUBG Mobile Vikendi

3. Vikendi

The year-round winter wonderland of Vikendi actually tied with Sanhok in terms of votes. As a 6×6 map, it sits between Erangel, Miramar, and Livik as the awkward middle child in terms of size today, meaning it doesn’t see quite as much action as it once did. Those looking for full-scale fights go big, while the rest drop in droves to the 2×2 landscape of Livik. It’s a gorgeous snowy forest complete with a castle along the river that probably would have seen James Bond rock up on a jetski in another timeline. The snow itself is the main reason it got any votes at all.

2. Erangel

Ah, the one that started it all. With close to the combined votes of the last two maps, the vanilla look of Erangel still holds a special place in the hearts of the PUBG Mobile player base. It’s understandable, as well. People have memories here, and with a new seasonal skin or mode sliding its way into virtually every patch, there’s rarely a reason to leave. Once you forget the possibility of shrapnel whizzing by your head, the river cutting through Georgopol is a romantic sight indeed. As for why one voter specifically wanted to visit the Military Base, let’s just say it’s probably not what the devs had in mind when pondering PUBG’s potential tourism economy.

Livik PUBG Mobile

1. Livik

Topping things off with close to double the votes of Erangel, the tiny 2×2 landscape of Livik has clearly captured the hearts of the PUBG Mobile community. Exclusive to the handheld version of the game, this European delight features a waterfall that has players gushing just as much for it. Though, given just how many people used the thread to call out the entire game as a hacker-laden wasteland, there’s every chance some of those fixated on Livik’s waterfall were just looking for a better way out of the game’s universe than a gunshot wound containing the debris of three different brick walls. Turns out after all that manic bloodshed, we all just want to lie down and smell the roses.

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