Emperor Calus Dialogue That Becomes Increasingly Unclear If He’s Talking About Fighting or Sex

Move over Drifter, there’s a new morally grey, sexually dangerous antihero in town, and his name is Emperor Calus.

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  • “Impress me, and I will show you the path to true power.”
  • “I say this to you, oh champion mine, and I say it from my heart: there are those who would bargain away their souls just to live a little longer. I am not them. Life must be worth living. Life must be lovely and delicious and enviably sweet! Nothing has ever lived that will not die, so what matters is how we use our time.”
  • “Nothing. Nothing can stop us. You and I are pillars of this existence, and shall be until all comes crashing down.”
  • *boisterous laughter*

  • “You’ve accepted my challenge. Good! I would be pleased to see what your Light can do.”
  • “There is a dark place aboard my ship that you have never been. Where I was reborn. Like you were reborn. The Menagerie awaits you, Guardian.”
  • “The gardens are beautiful, but watch your step. You never know where a beast might lurk.”
  • “It falls to you, my Loyalists, to show them the way. You’ve met them. You know their conviction. So I unleash you. Hinder them. Topple them. Teach them pain. They will only ask for more. And they will grow stronger for it.”

  • “There is beauty to your Light. Let me admire it up close.”
  • “Ah. Finally found you. You’re a busy little Light. Do you recognize me? It’s your beloved Emperor Calus. I’ve been watching you… All your good work. I believe you’re ready. It’s time you and I met more intimately. I’ve sent a gift to Nessus for you. I’ll see you soon – o champion mine.”
  • “When the end comes, I reserve the right to be last.”

  • “This vessel will challenge you in ways you have never dreamed. Let’s enjoy ourselves.”