9 of the Best Fortnite Creative Music Maps With Island Codes

Game of Thrones, Billie Eilish, Eurobeat memes -- what more could you want?

Some artists work with pastels, others work in clay, and some toil with more abstract mediums, such as Fortnite‘s Creative Mode. Are these individuals mad? Are they visionaries? ¿Por que no los dos? These are 9 of the best Fortnite Creative music maps that have island codes!

Of the myriad island types being produced in Creative Mode — new game formats, stunning custom landscapes, dank memes, etc — some of the most impressive are music islands, which aim to recreate popular songs (or debut original compositions) through Creative Mode’s colorful music blocks. Some creators present their work as a sort of gigantic music box, which the player simply activates and enjoys. Others turn the player into Fortnite musicians themselves, by having them play the song manually while traversing the level. When done properly, either type of music island can be a blast to experience.

The only real problem is finding these dang islands. Epic has no official database of user-created island codes, and they don’t tend to show up on Reddit or the official Fortnite forums either. You could spend hours scouring the internet for musical islands worth your time, but why do it yourself when we’ve already done it for you? What follows is a list of the absolute best musical Creative Mode islands that we’ve uncovered, along with their specific island codes, so you can experience the magic yourself. We’ll update this list as we find exciting new islands, so keep it in your back pocket!

The Best Fortnite Creative Music Maps With Island Codes

Fractures by Illenium, FATALFOO

Island code: 1305-1088-2452

Not only does FATALFOO’s island accurately recreate one of the best EDM singles in recent memory, it also evokes the imagery of the album’s cover art in its level design, resulting in a full-spectrum sensory experience that feels true to the source material.

you should see me in a crown by Billie Eilish, FATALFOO

Island code: 3052-9052-9817

Content warning for spiders! Another piece from FATALFOO, this rendition of Eilish’s dark empowerment banger takes a little time getting off the ground, but it manages to slap almost as hard as the real deal once it spools up.

Super Mario Bros. Theme by Koji Kondo, Malloumario ملوماريو

Island code: 9983-1026-5759

Much in the same way that Super Mario Bros.‘s first level is often used as a benchmark for new level editors, the iconic stage’s music is widely used to test the mettle of any sound sequencer. Malloumario’s rendition is impressive not only for its accuracy, but for its clever use of boost pads to vary to song’s tempo.

PON PON PON by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, jespergran

Island code: 6219-9064-1856

Gonna be honest here, we’re not sure why this is level is themed around Twitch celebrity Ninja. Is this a meme we’re too old to get? Are we out of touch? No, it’s the children who are wrong, and clearly jespergran just doesn’t know that Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s 2011 j-pop bop PON PON PON existed before both Fortnite and Ninja’s ascendancy. That’s way more likely than us not being hip with the times, right? Right??

Blue (Da Ba Dee) by Eiffel 65, MOOSEDAWGP1

Island code: 9685-9090-4388

Ah, now this is a meme song we’re old enough to remember! Back when this song was new, memes were called “image macros” and you’d get banned for posting them — those were the days. Shout outs to MOOSEDAWGP1 for this excellent rendition of an old favorite, with special tiny shout outs to the level’s cool hexagonal block layout and meticulous drum patterns.

Game of Thrones theme by Ramin Djawadi, ldlm

Island code: 8955-1083-9097

We appreciate that ldlm’s recreation of the Game of Thrones theme requires manual activation for each building refrain of the now-classic song. “You know what’s about to happen,” the level implies, “and now it’s your fault.” Perfect. We also appreciate the extremely apt snowy castle motif, as well as that big-ass dragon sculpture! Look at that dude! How big was that egg, my guy?

Billie Jean by Michael Jackson, Eletric Pants

Island code: 0930-0210-4701

Electric Pant’s Fortnite rendition of Billie Jean is so good, it could easily be the backing track for one of those confusing videos that plays during Korean karaoke, where the on-screen footage is like, some 1980’s war drama and definitely not anything that has to do with whatever song is playing. We promise that this is a compliment!

Gravity Falls theme by Brad Breeck, Xteaw

Island code: 7400-3996-0626

A lot of the covers on this list are good, but still sound like MIDI versions of the source material, which is to be expected given how limited Fortnite’s musical tools are. Xteaw’s cover of the Gravity Falls theme, however, is the exception that proves the rule. We’re not sure if it’s just a happy accident, or if Xteaw has access to some secret music block black magic, but their simple corridor level nails the tone and intonation of the real theme to an astonishing degree of accuracy.

Running in the 90s by Maurizio De Jorio, CampYzY

Island code: 7622-0275-4945

The only thing that could make CampYzY’s all-too-brief cover of Running in the 90s better would be to activate the blocks with a Driftboard. Get it? A Driftboard? Eh? Like in Initial D, the anime/video game series about Japanese drift-racing subculture that made this song famous? Eh? Driftboard?? Anyway, here’s hoping that CampYzY (or someone else brave enough) expands on this work and creates the whole song. Bonus points for a Toyota AE86 statue as big as ldlm’s ice dragon.