Best Deals of the GOG Summer Sale

GOG has an absolutely massive sale going on, including some of our favorite games. We’ve compiled a list of our personal picks and some of the best deals overall. If one of these games catches your eye, we also have links to various write-ups we’ve done about these games across the history of the site.

Renata’s Picks

BattleTech Game of the Year

BATTLETECH & Expansion Pass: $9.99 and $24.99 down from $39.99 and $49.99, for a 61% discount.

Battletech is, hands down, my favorite video game of 2018. It is also, arguably, my favorite video game of 2019. I’ve written at length about the game in the past, and I will continue to do so until the day I die.

Battletech puts you in command of a small mercenary company in the war-torn Inner Sphere of the Milky Way Galaxy. You’ll lead a lance (read: Squad) of Battlemechs into combat as you work to keep your company afloat against a much larger (and much better funded) world. The tactics game is phenomenal, prioritizing slow burn engagements over quick three-shot kills. With the addition of the game’s Expansion Pass, which adds over 5 new ‘Mechs, dozens of playable mini campaigns called Flashpoints, and intense Urban Combat, Battletech is a game that will grab you for dozens of hours. Beyond the combat itself, the game’s focus on human characters and inhuman systems lends the game an impressive ability to generate complex and nuanced stories for your ‘Mechs and their pilots.

Risk of Rain: $4.99 down from $9.99, for a 50% discount.

Risk of Rain 2 is a very good video game that is incredibly fun. I highly recommend it. But Risk of Rain 2 isn’t on sale here. Instead its older sibling has a chance at the spotlight. I may think Risk of Rain 2 is more fun. But the original Risk of Rain will always be the better game to me.

In Risk of Rain, you play a handful of survivors from a crashed prison ship, the U.E.S. Contact Light. The game is a side scrolling roguelike with over 100 different items to collect and build your character. Risk of Rain is a game that makes you feel small, and it whips. The camera is miles away from your little speck of a character, and the bosses are so big. It also has one of my favorite video game soundtracks, full stop.

Steven’s Picks

Disco Elysium – $29.99 down from $39.99, for a 25 percent discount (but a steal at any price).

If you haven’t taken the time to read about all the reasons Disco Elysium is one of the best role-playing games, uh, ever, you should. Then you should read about it some more. And some more after that. Seriously, there’s an endless amount to say about this game set across just one neighborhood of a bizarre town. It’s part science fiction, part (leftist) political thriller, part murder mystery, and all kinds of fun.

You play a defective detective with amnesia and an obsession with the past. But your wonderfully astute Watson, one Kim Kitsuragi, is there to keep you on the straight and narrow. Or at least he knows how to focus the ungodly number of bizarre acts you can perform (like jumping off a building with no pants, punching a literal child, or hunting for ghosts) into tangible results. It’s funny, touching, and one of the best-written games you will ever play. Do it.

Collin’s Picks

Metro Exodus Preview

Metro Exodus – Gold Edition: $29.24 down from $64.99, for a 55% discount.

In an era where live service games and multiplayer driven experiences are dominating the gaming landscape, Metro Exodus is an irradiated breath of fresh air. The third entry in this beloved cult series, Exodus sees players traversing the hellish wastelands of Russia following a nuclear apocalypse. Perfect for both newcomers and franchise veterans, Metro Exodus tells a harrowing story that’s strengthened by its terrific cast of characters and terrifying monstrosities.

Discounted down to a little under $30, you can easily sink several dozen hours into Exodus’ campaign as you trudge through barren deserts, lush forests, and a flooded village filled with aquatic abominations. Equal parts exciting and horrifying, Metro Exodus is one of the best single player title released this generation. Plus, the Gold Edition comes with both story expansions which help flesh out the core narrative. Just play the damn game, okay? I promise it’s more than worth your time.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Digital Deluxe Edition: $11.29 down from $44.99, for a 75% discount.

From the end of the world to an equally bleak, but technologically advanced future, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is a terrific FPS/RPG hybrid. Taking place after the events of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, players once again step into the overly gruff role of mechanically augmented Adam Jensen. Set in Prague, players are tasked with uncovering a vast conspiracy that involves multiple factions vying for control. It’s a remarkably engaging story, even if you’ve never played another entry in the Deus Ex series

Supporting this is a wealth of gameplay options that allow players to complete the entire game by sneaking around, blasting everyone they see, or smooth talking they way out of any conflict. While the word “choice” has largely become a meaningless buzzword, Mankind Divided truly does allow users a whole host of avenues for navigating this dystopian city.

Dillon’s Picks

stellaris ringworld

Stellaris – $9.99 down from $39.99, for a 75 percent discount.

It’s really hard to pass up any good game for under $10, let alone a really good strategy game. And let’s be honest, if you’re into space and strategy games, the number of (good) available titles isn’t all that high. That’s where Stellaris comes in. Take a randomly generated species or hand craft one and lead them to victory over the universe. Along the way you’ll encounter a ton of random events, some of which can fundamentally change your species’ game plan.

Don’t get me wrong, the actual strategy also shines, but Paradox has really leaned into the number of different events that can change the way each game plays and I think that’s where Stellaris shines. Some of those do require expansion packs, but each update also came along with free content so there’s a good sampling already available. I’ll be honest though, after 82 hours I’m yet to finish a game. The struggle is all too real.

The good news? Even if you’re already into Stellaris, GOG also has a Paradox sale going on where you can select any three DLCs from the game and get those for a really good price as well!

Niki’s Picks

Roller Coaster Tycoon 2

Roller Coaster Tycoon 2: Triple Thrill Pack – $3.39 down from $9.99, for a 66% discount.

Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 is the only video game that features Mr. Bones’ Wild Ride and Kingda Ka. You have to get it, legally.

Spore – $7.49 down from $29.99, for a 75% discount.

WILL WRIGHT’S BEAUTIFUL SPORE. Finally, you can play 2008’s hottest release on your modern personal computer. Spore’s got everything: cells, guys, civilizations, space ships, more guys, Cell (from Dragon Ball). If you wanna make a bear with eight arms, Will will let you do it. It’s an incredible game that everyone should play if you’re even a little bit interested in the way we think about character creation. It’s a big game that falls on its face a bunch, but when it swims it swims. (And that scene where you step out of the primordial ooze for the first time will always whip.

Jordo’s Picks

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night – $27.99 down from $39.99, for a 30% discount.

Bloodstained is one of a small handful of Samus/Alucard games that I’ve ever enjoyed, let alone finished. It placed fifth on my Unauthorized GOTY 2019 post, where I said that “the heart wants what it wants, and in this case, the heart wants a gothic anime heroine that can summon a flaming succubus to play a kick-ass guitar solo.” If you’re into snappy combat, anime bullshit and extensive character customization, there’s a tremendous amount of video game here for you to enjoy. It was also recently updated with a randomizer mode, so that’s cool too!

Hollow Knight – $7.49 down from $15.99, for a 50% discount ($11.99 w/ soundtrack).

Hollow Knight, meanwhile, is one of the most beautiful and atmospheric games I’ve ever played. It’s another ability-based exploration game like Bloodstained, but with much more deliberate combat and a brooding sense of melancholy that leaves no aching stone unturned. Of course, this may not be a good selection for people who do not wish to be sad about cute bugs. Please know that for as gorgeous and enthralling as Hollow Knight is, you will be sad about its cute bugs. Living like a bug ain’t easy.

Danielle’s Picks

Prey – $11.99 down from $39.99, for a 70% discount.

Prey was my 2017 Game of the Year, and the pinnacle of one of my all-time favorite genres, the immersive sim. It features everything you could ask for in such a game: a truly breathtaking number of options for solving problems in your environment, a deep story about a crew doing their best in an ill-managed corporate dystopia, exploration that rewards curiosity, aliens and alien powers that actually feel… alien, and space lesbians. It’s the smartest, most satisfying first-person game I’ve ever played, and that goes even further for its innovative Mooncrash dlc, which I only actually completed this past winter.

Into the Breach – $7.49 down from $14.99, for a 50% discount.

This was my runaway 2018 game of the year, and, to date, the best-designed game I’ve ever played. Here, this is how many hours I’ve put into one version of the game:

danielle into the breach hours

John’s Picks

Dishonored: Complete Collection – $23.99 down from $79.99, for a 70% discount.

Danielle is right about Prey. It’s just a breathtaking game full of surprises, options, and memorable moments. For my money, however, Arkane’s coup de grace is truly the Dishonored series. In this collection, you get all three Dishonored games, immersive sims putting you in the shoes of assassins righting wrongs in a “whalepunk” world you’ll never forget. I’m a total sucker for the first, a game with some pacing issues but ultimately one of the industry’s most notable triumphs in world building to date. Dishonored 2 is where the franchise’s systems really sing and features one of the very best single levels ever, the trippy time-traveling masterpiece “A Crack in the Slab.” The team at Fanbyte, however, voted Death of the Outsider, a standalone short game that came after Dishonored 2, as the best in the series. You really can’t go wrong, however, but $24 will snag all three, which is a steal.

Fallout: New Vegas – $5.99 down from $19.99, for a 70% discount.

Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds was one of 2019’s under-appreciated gems, but I’d be lying if I said it was a better game than their 2010 crack at Bethesda’s Fallout franchise. Bethesda dove back into the world of Tamriel after the super successful Fallout 3, but not before approving a spin-off to be made by Obsidian. The development team only had about 18 months to complete the open world, first-person role playing game and it shows! It launched as a buggy mess (those problems are largely gone due to patches over the years) but it also had a looseness and an under-the-gun confidence missing from Bethesda’s games in the series. I only have a handful games I immediately install and keep installed whenever I get a new computer, and one of them is Fallout: New Vegas. It’s just a blast to explore the Wild Wasteland West with my Sunset Sarsaparillas and bolt-action rifle.


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