5 Games That Might as Well Add Battle Royale Modes

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive recently became the latest online multiplayer game to add a battle royale mode of some kind, joining the likes of Battlerite, Black Ops, and even Fortnite, if you look back far enough.

We know that the Battlefield franchise has its own battle royale mode in the oven, but surely there must be other opportunities out there. It’s the hottest trend, baby! Don’t you want a slice of that pie? The pie that definitely has enough slices for all of these games. Which will all be successful and not huge wastes of time and money?

Take it from me, Jordan “Battle Royale Expert” Mallory — these five games might as well add battle royale modes. There’s no downside!

Destiny 2

Just picture it: 100 Guardians drop onto dozens of small islands, suspended in the void of space by magical space chains. Players would start with grey gear and no abilities, and would have to source weapons on-site, as is the battle royale way. Find chests to gain seeds of light, with which to unlock class powers! Find a sparrow and ride it to your doom!

Maybe it’s a new game designed by the Drifter. Maybe Lord Shaxx and the Iron Banner guy made a wager to see which of them has reared the strongest Guardians. Maybe Bungie wants to try and make a lot of money. It’s an infinite forest of possibilities!

Brigitte Overwatch GuideOverwatch

Blizzard’s class-based FPS has 29 characters as of press time, and 29 times three is 87, and that’s basically 100 players. Split a lobby of 87 people into three teams, and make each player on each team pick one of the 29 available characters. Drop them all onto a big ol’ map and boom: Instant battle royale mode.

In Overwatch‘s case, Blizzard would likely keep the battle royale elements light and leave everyone with their trademark weapons and abilities. The mode would mostly boil down to finding health packs and hiding from fights. Also it still takes three hours to get a loot box somehow. Regardless of how well you do. And it’s all duplicates.


I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know that much about the latest  Battletech game. But I did play a lot of MechWarrior 2 growing up, and that experience is all I need to know that 100 mechs fighting on an island would be totally rad.

Battletech is a turn-based strategy game, of course, and not a shooter like most battle royale games. I don’t think that’s as big of a deal as it sounds though. Yes, 100 players each taking individual turns would probably take a while, but people play RISK and that’s basically the same thing. It’s not my job to understand you weirdos.

Smash Ultimate Tier ListSuper Smash Bros. Ultimate

Everyone is here, and they’re all on the same stage with only one stock. Said stage would have to be an absolutely enormous level, of course — many dozens of times taller and wider than normal in order to comfortably fit 100 players into a single match. Did I mention that all items are enabled?

Don’t worry about Ultimate‘s historically spotty netcode. Just because it can’t reliably handle eight players at once, who’s to say that duodecupling the number of players won’t somehow fix everything? And if it doesn’t, have you tried buying an officially licensed Nintendo Switch LAN Adapter from HORI, available now on eBay for the low, low price of twice as much as at retail?

Ice Hockey

No nets, no pucks, just 100 Canadians and the will to survive.