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7 Very Queer Overwatch Skins We Will Never Actually See in the Game

Overwatch skins... but gayer.

Overwatch is known for is its bright and imaginative hero skins (for better and for worse, sometimes). The base skins are interesting and distinctive, and pair well with the epic and legendary tier skins that feature full re-imaginings of the heroes we know so well. However, despite creating fun designs that many of us in the LGBTQIA+ community adore, the game still does not truly reflect our lived experiences or tastes. Blizzard should change that, but barring hiring me to consult, let me fantasize about the endless possibilities.

Here are seven ideas for Overwatch skins that represent a vision of queer fashion (and that we will almost certainly never see in the actual game)!

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Casual Gay Disaster D.Va

While fans have only gotten to see D.Va in her trademark MEKA suit with some more casual accouterments, her lifestyle could be a lot more messy. This skin would feature the plucky mech pilot wearing an oversized, vintage LOONA t-shirt (which by the year 2070 would be on its fifth member change), hot pink leggings, a moisturizing face mask, and slipper boots. Her mech would be full of clutter and solely used to charge her phone while she frantically tries to decipher if “I love you, beautiful” texts from D.Mon means she likes her.

Any Excuse to Wear a Suit Moira

The Overwatch team has already given us a number of skins that play off of Moira being the baddest androgynous mommy domme scientist out there. That said, she could stand to be in any number of costumes that allow her to wear more suit jackets. These could include, but are not limited to: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the Phantom of the Opera, or Anne Lister. I’m not picky! Please just give us more butch realness; that’s all we ask.

Tom of Finland Soldier: 76

As one of the game’s actual, canonically gay characters, you’d think that Solder: 76 would have at least one skin that didn’t scream “hypermasculine G.I. Joe.” It is unrealistic — totally unbelievable, in fact — that a single gay dude in his 50s with his physique hasn’t spent at least some time in a luxe leather bar, hanging out with other attractive men. Inspired by the work of Touko Valio Laaksonen, Soldier: 76 could blend in to his other “uniformed” looks, but veer much more towards “Daddy” than “Dad.”

Pride Flag Tracer

It is wild that Tracer already got two Summer Games skins that put her into flag-like capes, yet neither of them are the actual Pride Flag. Let Tracer wear the Pride Flag! Make her little time-sprint spell effects into rainbows, while you’re at it, Blizzard. It’s what the fans want.


Beach Hunk Pharah, Zarya, & Brigitte

Inspired by the above fanart, the idea here is to give any of these three characters the full-on McCree treatment. It would be an awesome fit, given that Pharah, Zarya, and Brigitte loosely form, Megazord-like, into the charismatic lady jock squad of Overwatch. Deep tank tops or Hawaiian shirts are essential for this look. Bonus points look. Bonus points if any of them get a voice line about needing a spotter. I’d certainly volunteer.

Roller Disco Lucio

Lucio has some of the most colorful skins in the game — literally — including one that suspiciously resembles the bisexual pride flag. Why not follow this theme to its logical conclusion by giving him a colorful, oversized sweatshirt, knee-high athletic socks, and chunky roller skates — replete with a beat-up old Walkman? Or go full glam with a beat face, dyed dreadlocks, and lots of glitter. Lucio likes to go loud, after all.

Happily Married Roadhog and Junkrat

Since same-sex marriage is now legal in Australia, it only makes sense that Junkertown’s most infamous power couple should finally tie the knot. Not only do they have compatible fist-bump sprays in-game, but now they can both have matching tuxes. Top the whole thing off with matching piggy and rat cufflinks.

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