30 Free Persona 4 Arena Ultimax P-Card Title Ideas

The feature is a gateway into glorious fighting game shitposts.

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax’s port may lack the proper update a Persona 5 Arena could have provided, but it does have one thing that’s bringing me a lot of joy as I play the anime fighter again: P-Card titles.

For those that don’t know, a P-Card title is basically a customizable phrase you can have on display when you fight other players online. You make this by picking from a bunch of words and phrases to fill up three slots. Some words are pretty normal for a fighting game based on an RPG, such as names of different abilities, mechanics, or character names. So picking from those could give somebody a title like “Number 1 Junpei Fanboy.” You know, perfectly reasonable stuff. You want people to know you’re not just a better Junpei player, you’re a bigger Junpei fan. I’ve also seem some wholesome ones like “Nice to meet you, I Love Labrys.” But there are so many more options beyond the reasonable stuff, and it’s made online fights exciting because not only do I get to sucker punch people as Akihiko Sanada, but I get to see what cursed shit people have come up with as their title.

30 Free Persona 4 Arena Ultimax P-Card Title IdeasTake mine, for example. As of this writing, My three title spaces are filled with “My Ass!,” “Akihiko,” and “Fist.” But not in that order. This is the latest one I’ve chosen as me and my friends playing Ultimax together attempt to 1-up each other with the best and funniest P-Card titles. But I did also once have a more standard, descriptive title: Anxious Rainbow Beefcake, because I’m anxious, gay, and 5’3″ beefcake. But if you’re overwhelmed by all options (and there are a lot of them), we’ve rounded up a list of free P-Card title ideas for you to take into your ranked fights. All of these combinations have been verified in the game, so all you gotta do is unlock different words and phrases by playing online matches.

  1. Kick My Pickles
  2. Manic Pixie Dream Girl
  3. I like Akihiko *lick* *lick*
  4. I Can’t Reach My Ass!
  5. Uh-oh! Guts Explosion
  6. What the EFF?! My Ass! Hothothot
  7. Hungry For The Fried Rice
  8. Mitsuru Kick My Ass!
  9. Kanji Like Boy
  10. Party Rock Everywhere
  11. I Do Nothing But Cry
  12. Hobbyist Akihiko Sanada Lover
  13. Persona 5 Arena
  14. AWW NOOOOO! My Ass! Broken
  15. *GASP* The Enemy!
  16. Mitsuru Player Hateyousomuch!
  17. Gluten-free Diet Bottom Tier
  18. Hehehe -Ho!
  19. *sweat* *squeak* *sob*
  20. Give Me Koromaru Plushie
  21. Daddy Dojima Domination
  22. Dazed And Confused
  23. Boss Baby Supremacy
  25. Accidental Hentai Lover
  26. Stop Playing TURNITOFF
  27. Work Union PleasePleasePlease
  28. NICE TO MEET YOU I Am Agitating
  29. Baby Baby Baby
  30. I’m Best Used By Mommy

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Anyway, I’ve been having a pretty great time online with Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, but I imagine everyone is going to enjoy it a lot more when it gets rollback netcode later this year. In the meantime, we can continue to speculate what Atlus is going to be rolling out as the series’ 25th anniversary celebration continues.