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The Promise of an N7 Day Mass Effect Panel Will Get Me Through This Week

Voice actors are reuniting for the annual community celebration.

Folks, I don’t need to tell you that we’re all about to be bunkered down for an extremely stressful, awful, potentially devastating week. But what I can tell you is that you should take the good news where you can, even if it’s just a small crumb of serotonin hanging off a tweet from a video game voice actor. Because that’s what I’m doing on this Monday morning. Jennifer Hale, the voice actor behind the female version of Mass Effect protagonist Commander Shepard is hosting a panel of voice actors and writers to commemorate this year’s N7 Day.

For those that don’t know, N7 Day (November 7) is an annual community day for the Mass Effect series where fans take a trip down memory lane to think back on their journeys through Bioware’s science fiction universe. Usually Bioware does something like put a sale on its merchandise, release a video of developers talking about what Mass Effect means to them, and fans for some reason expect some big announcement as if Bioware isn’t beholden to shareholders and can’t just arbitrarily make huge announcements during a community day. But even if it’s not usually a place for big reveals, it’s a fun day if you’re nostalgic for the franchise. While the Mass Effect cast has done a lot of panels and other fun things together over the years, it’s always nice to hear the gang back together, and what better time to do a digital panel than in the middle of a pandemic? The panel will be taking place on Saturday at 11 a.m. Pacific, and the line-up includes the following:

  • Mark Meer (Male Commander Shepard)
  • Steve Blum (Grunt)
  • Kimberly Brooks (Ashley Williams)
  • Raphael Sbarge (Kaidan Alenko)
  • Courtenay Taylor (Jack)
  • Alix Wilton Regan (Samantha Traynor)
  • William Salyers (Mordin Solus)
  • Karin Weekes (Editor, Bioware)
  • Patrick Weekes (Writer, Bioware)
  • DC Douglas (Legion)
  • Ali Hillis (Liara T’Soni)

While there are a few standouts missing like Ash Sroka, the voice of Tali’Zorah vas Normandy, Hale did say in a follow-up tweet she’d reached out to Brandon Keener, who plays Garrus Vakarian. So our favorite sniper on the Citadel might join in before we reach the panel on Saturday.

Notably, these are all actors behind characters in the original trilogy, and none from the criminally underrated Mass Effect: Andromeda. There’s still a week to set up your own panel and make it happen Andromeda cast. If I can’t have a sequel can I at least have that?

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N7 Day might not typically be the place where Bioware makes significant announcements, but fans are eagerly waiting for word on the long-rumored Mass Effect trilogy remaster that has reportedly been in development for quite some time, but was quietly pushed into 2021 due to troubles optimizing the first game for a modern audience. Which is fair. Because that game is bad now.

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