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The PMCO Finals Are This Weekend - Here's How To Watch

Music, celebrities, and chicken dinners!

After another weekend of hectic battle royale action, five additional teams have qualified for the PUBG Mobile Club Open  2019 Grand Finals. The PMCO contest, which Tencent is calling the “largest competition in the history of mobile esports”, is set to culminate this weekend in Berlin, Germany to a near sell-out crowd of mobile gamers.

But it wouldn’t be a true esport event without extensive livestreaming efforts, and PUBG Mobile is kicking things up a notch with the introduction of the “Spidercam” system seen in popular sporting events. Here, the trademarked camera setup will allow spectators to eyeball players on stage from four specific angles, which should help those sitting on their couch feel like they’re there on those Berlin bleachers.

With five additional teams now penciled in for a shot at the PMCO grand prize, the full 16 team roster has been finalized. In one last push over the weekend, Purple Mood, XQF, Team Queso, Top Esports, and All Rejection Gaming proved their worth. Even after two of the qualifying teams were defeated by a lone wolf Prince from Team Indian Tigers, the merciless mercenary’s heroic efforts weren’t enough to pull them ahead, ultimately missing out on that necessary Top 5 finish by 10 points.

PMCO Standings

Teams from around the world have been battling it out for the chance to represent their region at the main event. With the 16 teams now decided, the list of qualified teams you can expect to see in Berlin this weekend are down below;

  • North America
    • Spacestation Gaming
  • Europe
  • India
  • Korea
    • Busan
  • China
    • ELG
    • XQF
  • South America
    • Team Queso
  • South East Asia
    • Purple Mood
    • RRQ
    • Bigetron
  • Japan
    • Scarz
    • All Rejection Gaming

PMCO “TEAM UP” Match Details

Those in attendance this weekend won’t just have numerous days of tense standoffs and chicken dinner victory screams ahead of you. The “TEAM UP” campaign, which saw players vote for their favorite celebrities and personalities, will rope them all in for a showcase match.

Celebrated NBA player Giannis Antetokounmpo is one such pick, alongside other PUBG Mobile personalities like ATHENA and Powerbang. There’s also the chance of seeing venerated Norwegian DJ/record producer Alan Walker perform his collaborative PUBG Mobile single “On My Way“. And yes, he will be part of the showcase match, too.

How To Watch The PMCO Finals

Tencent and PUBG Mobile has a bit of a thing going with the YouTube Gaming platform at the minute, so expect most of the event courage to convene over there. There’s even a nifty trailer put together by Vivo, who will be providing the final tournament devices competitors will use to fight it out.

Once the PMCO 2019 finals are out of the way, we’re told to expect a Fall Split later in the year.

You can watch last weekend’s PMCO Prelims highlight reel down below. For full standings and past news clips, check out the official PCMO website.

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