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The Last of Us 2 Release Date is Here and OH THAT'S A LOT OF BLOOD

If you're worried about gore, or potential spoilers, just skip this trailer for The Last of Us 2.

Bad things happen to good people in The Last of Us 2 release date trailer. Ellie, our bow-slinging sidekick from the first game, is all grown up, buff, and gay as hell. She’s also very upset about something that happens off-screen… She’s so mad, in fact, that she decides to set off on her own and fight fungus monsters. They’re not the only things getting horribly mangled in this latest trailer, though. Be warned: there’s a lot of blood and violence in this one.

You can see the gore for yourself in the trailer above. It debuted during Sony’s newest State of Play stream (basically a Nintendo Direct for PlayStation stuff). By my count, I noticed one deer, five bandits, a very large zombie, and a metric truckload of smaller infected getting the ax — literally, in one case. Ellie also gets attacked by a dog. I will be very upset if The Last of Us 2 (a.k.a. The Last of Us Part II, if you’re fancy) makes you kill that dog.

As for all the other stuff? Eh… The Last of Us had lots of horrible violence in its marketing, as well. Not everyone cottoned to it back then. As such, it’s somewhat surprising to me that Sony and Naughty Dog are continuing to lean hard in that direction for its marketing. Don’t get me wrong; killing stuff is a big part of these games. But I’d personally like to see more on the story front than attempted shock and awe. Save it for when I’m actually playing.

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Speaking of the story, we do get a teensy bit more. There’s some more stuff with Ellie and her maybe girlfriend. We also learn that our hero appears to be on some kind of revenge kick against a large enemy group. Then there’s the “confirmation” that Joel — the main playable protagonist of the first game — is alive. I’m still not ruling out dream sequences or hallucinations, though!

Naturally, the biggest reveal from The Last of Us 2 release date trailer was… the release date for The Last of Us 2. Sorry, super-fans, but the game isn’t coming out this year. You won’t have to wait much longer than that, though. The game will be available on PlayStation 4 early next year. Specifically, the release date is Feb. 21, 2020.

It’s not like there’s any lack of upcoming games on Sony platforms, of course. Death Stranding is also set to release later this year. The State of Play stream also mentioned that there is a playable demo for the MediEvil remake available now — with improved camera controls and all. Civilization 6, which previously came to consoles in the form of a Nintendo Switch port, is also coming later this year. The release date for that is Nov. 22, 2019 in case you were curious.

We’ll let you know if The Last of Us 2 release date changes closer to launch, or if we learn anything else important about the game in the meantime. Until then, take care!

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