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The Hardy Family Office as a Vibe: A Review

Rating the aesthetics of AEW's most disjointed crew.

The idea of the Hardy Family Office is intriguing: in them, you have a motley crew of talented athletes who should be stars getting fleeced for 30% of their earnings by a ponytail. Matt Hardy’s been in wrestling long enough to remember when it actually was run by carnies, and he’s translated that to a purportedly lucrative career. Their entrance graphic is a printing press run of $100 bills! That means they’re making money, right?

From the moment Private Party signed away nearly a third of their income to Hardy—I’m still mad at Snoop Dogg for watching it happen without intervening; isn’t that why you left Death Row Records??—the Hardy Family Office has grown into the alliance of business people they are today. With varying degrees of financial success and an incredibly colorful array of aesthetics. Most groups generally unify themselves with a defined look along with a guiding ethos. The Hardy Family Office looks like the Applebee’s where everybody who works at the mall goes after closing time. But because a vibe is a vibe no matter which way you slice it, the HFO should be looked at in those terms.

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