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TFT Blender Nocturne Guide - Teamfight Tactics Best Team Comps (Patch 9.24b)

Teamfight Tactics has a lot of luck involved with it. The best players need to know how to use whatever items and units the game gives them and still make a viable team that takes them to victory. Knowing proper synergies, what units to give your items to, and when to change everything up is the key to winning matches no matter what TFT throws at you.

With that, learning proper team compositions is important. One of the most popular team compositions in TFT as of Patch 9.24b is Blender Nocturne, an aggressive build that focuses on decimating enemies before they have the chance to do damage. Learn more about this powerful team comp in our TFT Blender Nocturne guide.

TFT Blender Nocturne

Blender Nocturne is one of the most powerful comp in Teamfight Tactics right now for a reason—it’s a relatively cheap team composition and its hyper offensive nature gets you powerful results in the mid- and late-game. If you know how to pull it off, the comp can reliably give you top-4 victories.

This particular build focuses on Nocturne being an absolute powerhouse unit, and is generally the unit that carries the team. Nocturne’s ability, called Steel Blades, allows him to do an AoE move every third attack, and Nocturne will heal a percentage of the damage dealt depending on his level. So the point of the build is to get Nocturne attacking more often, and Nocturne doing as much damage as possible with each hit.

The Blender Nocturne accomplishes this by making Nocturne a Blademaster with the item Blade of the Ruined King. The Blademaster synergy gives Blademasters a 40% chance of additional attacks depending on how many of them you have in play. Since Steel Blades activates every third attack, this makes sure that Nocturne is doing a lot of damage while healing himself rapidly. Then, things like Infinity Blades and the Assassin synergy will give Nocturne a higher critical hit chance, and every critical will do more damage, making him a powerhouse.

There are a few ways to pull this build off, including leaning heavily on the Blademaster synergy and Nocturne being a big carry, or spreading the DPS love out a bit and having other units like Sivir assisting. This version of the comp relies more on the latter.

Ideal TFT Blender Nocturne Units and Items:

  • Nocturne
    • Blade of the Ruined King
    • Infinity Edge
  • Sivir
    • Hush
    • Sword Breaker
  • Kha’Zix
    • Seraph’s Embrace
    • Infinity Edge
  • Qiyana
    • Locket of the Iron Solari
  • Yasuo
  • Janna
    • Guardian Angel
    • Redemption
  • Master Yi
    • Rapid Firecannon

Synergies Achieved with TFT Blender Nocturne:

  • Cloud – 20% dodge chance
  • Desert – 50% armor reduction
  • Assassin – 50% Crit Damage + 10% Crit Chance
  • Mystic – 40 Magic Resist
  • Blademaster – Blademasters have 40% chance to attack two additional times

TFT Blender Nocturne Notes:

The Blade of the Ruined King is essential to this team comp. If you can’t get Nocturne the Blademaster synergy, he won’t be able to pull off nearly as many attacks. Fewer attacks mean it takes longer to proc Steel Blades, and the more likely he’ll be killed off because he can’t heal fast enough. If you can’t make a Blade of the Ruined King by the second carousel round, you’ll need to pivot to another team comp.

With the right items, Sivir is a powerful assist. While Nocturne will be the main DPS unit in this comp, Sivir with Hush and Swordbreaker can disable enemies long enough for Nocturne to get to them. Sivir’s ability, in particular, is what makes her so powerful. Ricochet bounces up to ten times for five seconds, hitting any enemy it touches and, more importantly, applying any on-hit effects you have. Hush and Sword Breaker have a chance to prevent ability use and attacking respectively, leaving enemies defenseless for the assassins to clean up.

The Locket of the Iron Solari can really up Nocturne’s survivability. While the ideal team comp has Locket on Qiyana, you can theoretically put it on any unit that’s not Nocturne and put them next to him so he gets the armor boost. Nocturne having really high DPS is important for Blender Nocturne to work, but high DPS doesn’t mean much if Nocturne dies too quickly to do anything. The Locket and some of the defensive synergies like Cloud and Mystic help with keeping Nocturne alive long enough to defeat the big units on your opponent’s team.

Blender Nocturne does not require a strong economy to pull off. Many late-game team comps require a lot of money and proper gold flow in the early- and mid-game to get by, but due to the lower cost of units like Nocturne, Yasao, and Sivir, Blender Nocturne does not need a strong economy to pull off. Some professional players that play Blender Nocturne might burn their stash rolling down to zero gold as early as the beginning of the mid-game, attempting to set up Nocturne and Sivir as soon as possible.

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