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TAFEP Investigation Rules Ubisoft Singapore Took Appropriate Action After Harassment Reports

The organization will not be taking any action against the company.

Last year, the Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP) began an investigation into Ubisoft Singapore following harassment allegations within the studio.  The investigation has concluded, and TAFEP says the company’s systems in place have handled reports appropriately. Including the use of a confidential reporting channel, a Code of Fair Conduct, and the use of independent parties to handle reports by employees.

In a report summary issued to Fanbyte, TAFEP addressed complaints of pay discrepancy between workers, specifically, ones employees felt correlated to race and whether they were local or foreign, saying its investigation told the organization Ubisoft Singapore “took the reports seriously,” and hired an independent human resources consultancy firm to review the company’s salary structure. The firm’s findings were shared with TAFEP, which said justifications for the pay disparity were “reasonable,” including “differences in experience or seniority.”

As for workplace harassment reports, TAFEP says Ubisoft Singapore’s systems allowed for “appropriate actions,” such as warnings, demotions, and arrangements made to minimize work interactions between those who reported and those who were reported. The demotion of former managing director Hugues Ricour is specifically brought up as an example of Ubisoft Singapore taking action

All of this taken into account, TAFEP has closed its investigation on Ubisoft Singapore and won’t be taking action against the company.

“TAFEP expects all employers to treat any report of workplace harassment seriously. Employers have an important role to create a safe workplace that is free from harassment, and should put in place proper grievance handling or harassment reporting procedures. Through its policies and actions, an employer can determine its organisation’s culture. Employees should also treat others respectfully at work. Employers should also remunerate employees fairly, taking into consideration factors such as ability, performance, contribution, skills, knowledge and experience.”

The investigation follows extensive reporting on the state of Ubisoft Singapore, and that company employees haven’t been satisfied with action taken following harassment claims. We’ve reached out to A Better Ubisoft, a collective of workers advocating for better working conditions within the company, for comment on this story, and will update the article if we hear back.

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