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Street Fighter 6 Adds Guile and His Sad Little Beard

Ryu is already beating Guile in Street Fighter 6 when it comes to beards.

Today during the Summer Game Fest, Capcom revealed another character for Street Fighter 6. Guile is returning to the fray! The career soldier sports his familiar hairstyle, with age not doing anything to ruin his magnificent mane.

Overall, Guile still has his familiar Sonic Boom and Flash Kick. He also has a few new moves, like a stationary Sonic Boom to create some space and set up new combos. Guile also has a Super Move that seemingly allows him to spam Sonic Booms, making the real guy the same as half the Mugen iterations.

Sadly, all is not well. While the hair is amazing, the facial hair is… less than adequate. Guile should have a magnificent, bushy beard to go with that hair. An explosion of hair sprouting from his head in every direction. Instead, he has a few days of growth hiding on his face like it’s on a covert mission. Shameful that you do this to Guile, Capcom.

We already have an idea about the rest of the rumored cast, including who won’t be making a return. Capcom has a whole summer of reveals planned for the game, but the leaks have already done their duty. Street Fighter 6 will release sometime in 2023 for PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, and PC.

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