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Stan Lee, Comics Legend, Has Died at 95

Stan Lee, one of the creators of some of the most iconic comics and entertainment characters in history, has passed away at 95.

Lee’s work dates back to 1939 when he started as an assistant at the Timely Comics section of Pulp Magazine. In the 1950s when DC started seeing success with their supersonic superhero The Flash, Lee and his creative partner Jack Kirby were tasked with creating a superhero team of their own. They started with the Fantastic Four which was received so well at the time that they were asked to create even more heroes within the Marvel universe.

The duo came up with a staggering number of heroes including Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, and the X-Men. Lee would eventually co-create Doctor Strange and Daredevil, as well.

While the Marvel video game track record is somewhat rocky outside of the LEGO Marvel series and the Marvel vs Capcom fighters, the critical success of September’s Marvel’s Spider-Man was a big step in the right direction for the company’s intellectual property.

Our review for the game noted the trademark heart and soul of Lee’s co-creation, Peter Parker, was central to the success of the narrative. Lee makes an incredibly well-received cameo in the game.

Many credit Stan Lee for the flawed humanity aspect of his superheroes. In Lee’s early years, most heroes were paragons with no glaring flaws or lasting problems. Thus, we ended up with Doctor Strange and his struggle with dark magic, Tony Stark’s constant war with alcoholism, and well, basically all of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Later in life, Lee became the figurehead for Marvel Comics with appearances in nearly all Marvel movies even if he didn’t create the featured character.

In total, Lee dedicated 77 years of his life to comics.

Actors and actresses from all over the Marvel Cinematic Universe took to social media to express their sadness and condolences. Robert Downey Jr, Iron Man himself, posted on Instagram saying, “I owe it all to you… Rest in peace Stan…”

Lee is survived by his daughter Joan Celia Lee and his younger brother Larry Lieber. Our thoughts are with his loved ones.


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