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Somebody Confirm or Deny These Mass Effect Remaster Reports, I Am Tired

I'm not mad, I just want to know.

Last week, the long-rumored Mass Effect remasters showed up on a Portuguese retailer indicating a collection of Bioware’s science fiction trilogy would be coming to current-gen consoles, the Nintendo Switch included. However, a new report has come from GamesBeat reporter Jeff Grubb, who has been on the beat for months now, saying that the Switch listing specifically is inaccurate, to his knowledge.

Speaking on the site’s Xbox Expansion Pass Podcast (via VGC) Grubb said the still unannounced trilogy will be called the “Legendary Edition,” according to his sources, but that it would only be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and the dream of playing the series on the go with a Switch port was just a dream. Which means that real life is a nightmare, or at least not as nice as it could be in a world where I could play through all of Commander Shepard’s story from the comfort of a console with a screen inches from my face.

“EA has multiple games coming to Nintendo Switch and Mass Effect is definitely not one of them,” he said. “Not yet, anyhow. If that happens, it won’t happen in that one-year window that they talked about in their last shareholder meeting.”

Despite EA and Bioware still having not said anything about the hypothetical Legendary Edition yet, store listings for a Mass Effect collection have been sprouting up a lot right now. While none of them have had the Legendary Edition branding, several of them have independently listed the collection for Switch, so who the heck knows what’s going on? According to Grubb, the Legendary Edition is set to come out in October, so an official announcement could be coming any day now. So it would be swell if someone could just reveal the thing so we can just know what’s up.

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Rumors of a Mass Effect trilogy remaster have been circulating for months at this point, with original reports from Grubb coming out in May. Following that possibility being put into the world, the internet revealed that it’s incapable of letting go of certain controversies and the memeification of such, and I really hope that these remasters will help usher in a new era of conversation around the games. But I’m not holding my breath.

As for the status of the Mass Effect series at large, a spin-off taking place after the original trilogy called Mass Effect: Andromeda was released in 2017 to mixed reception. Following that, Bioware and EA pulled support of the game’s single player story by cancelling its planned DLC, and the future of the series is unclear. While Bioware is adamant that a new game in the franchise is coming, we don’t know yet if it’s going to continue the story Andromeda began, or if it will find a new thing in the universe. If it’s the latter, I don’t see much sense in getting invested in stories you can’t count on to be finished.

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