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PUBG Mobile TDM Guide - Warehouse Map, Guns, And Strategy

A classic 4 vs 4 TDM could be an alien concept to some...

Team Deathmatch (TDM) is about to be PUBG Mobile‘s next big thing. That’s right; the staple mode of just about any shooter is about to make a splash years after release. PUBG managed its world-conquering efforts by othering something new – Battle Royale. But with so many imitations now on the market, it’s time for PUBG Mobile to go back to where it all began – mindless violence. Team Deathmatch is now live, and we’ve got all the information you need to dominate this tiny battlefield in TPP or FPP mode, or even on an emulator.

Now, many of you are like to question why anyone would need a guide for something as simple as Team Deathmatch. But think about it. PUBG Mobile tapped into new markets. It elevated gaming to the wider world in the same way Minecraft did 10 years ago. Those who picked up PUBG Mobile to see what all the fuss was about might never have played a round of everyday Team Deathmatch in their lives. If you’re one them, this guide is for you.

PUBG Mobile TDM – Warehouse Map

PUBG Mobile Warehouse TDM map

Team Deathmatch takes place on a brand-new map – Warehouse. And it’s absolutely tiny by PUBG Mobile standards. It certainly ain’t no Vikendi.

Each team starts and respawns in their respective hut on either side of the map, its tables stacked with guns, ammo, and attachments. To combat spawn camping, you’ll enjoy a period of invincibility when respawning as long as you’re in the hut. Leave, and it’s gone.

Outside the spawn you’ll find deserted train carriages and storage containers, logs, barrels, and crates to hide behind and climb on top of. These are scattered around the central warehouse, which houses the dangerously powerful M249 LMG players will typically attempt to grab in a hurry.

With it being open on every side, the warehouse – even with its obstacles – isn’t where you’ll find your targets. Everyone knows better than to stand in the open. Instead, the lumber house on the left or right side of your spawn is where most will rear their head. Some will crawl on top of the carriges near their spawn for sniping potential, but they’re easy targets. Just stay vigilant.

PUBG Mobile TDM – Rules

Team Deathmatch is a simple game of kill or be killed. While we now consider Battle Royale to be the simplest game mode given there’s no score-keeping, kill perks, or respawning, Team Deathmatch about as simple as things got back in the day. It’s 4 vs 4, and the first team to kill the opposing players 40 times wins. Respawning is present (and instant), and you won’t stop playing until the match is over. It may sound simple, but the wrong mindset can drastically reduce your team’s chances of winning.

PUBG Mobile TDM – Weapons & Gear

Unlike other shooters, there’s no custom loadout in PUBG Mobile TDM. You pick up and build your weapons at your spawn and have at it. Sadly, there’s not a whole lot choice when it comes to weapons – including no shotguns. You’ll find four rifles on one side of the spawn, and a handful of SMGs on offer. The central table contains six weapon attachments to kit out your choice, ranging from scopes and grips, to stocks. Weapon choices are noted below:

  • Kar98K
  • M762
  • M416
  • AKM
  • Vector
  • UZI
  • M249 (center of the map)

As for gear, that shouldn’t be a concern. Everyone starts off with the same armor equipped – level 2 helmet and body armor – meaning headshots are still realistically lethal from the right gun. You’re all on equal footing.

PUBG Mobile TDM – Strategy

PUBG Mobile TDM Warehouse sniping

As mentioned earlier, running into Team Deathmatch with the wrong kind of attitude is a sure-fire way to lose the match. No respawning in Battle Royale taught players to value their life, pick their shots, and play cautiously. With respawn enabled in Team Deathmatch, that notion can quickly go out of the door, leading to players not checking corners and adding six points to your opponent’s scoreboard for every one they add to your own.


Team Deathmatch is a fast-paced brawl, and while it’s not wise to sprint around the battlefield, camping won’t get you far, either. Move slowly. Check your corners, listen out for enemy footsteps, and don’t go back to duel someone after sliding out of each other’s vision. It doesn’t usually go well. After extensive fire or knocking an enemy down, it’s best to move into another spot. People love to assume a camper, so they’ll be sure to check the position of a last-known location with their finger on the trigger.

But you also don’t want to sprint mindlessly into sight of the whole team when repositioning. Just stay on your toes and remember that every step you take can put you into the enemy’s line of sight. Never reload on the go, either. Hide before you pop out that mag.

Know when to back down

With the small size of the map, the frequency of skirmishes, and the focus on points, and easy to let the basics slip in PUBG Mobile TDM. Unlike other modes, HP regenerates when out of combat, meaning you’ll automatically recover from any fight you survive, ready to fight in another like you didn’t just take four bullets to the chest. But you can’t recover if you’re dead.

With every point making a difference, it’s important to not bite off more than you can chew. If you get into fight with one opponent and manage to slide off into cover before either dies – stop. More often than not, you’ll get blown away the moment you rear your head to go for round 2. Take the time to recover and reposition. Your opponent probably has the perfect shot lined up based on your last position. You can usually abuse that stubbornness to flank them, but most of the time you’ll be better off searching for someone else to take on.

Weapon considerations

Speaking of mags, take your time to kit out weapons you’re comfortable with. The claustrophobic nature of the map means you can quickly assess your choice of gun against every possible gunfight scenario. The 4X scope is too slow for consistent application here, so dump it in favor of a 2X on any of the lower recoil weapons. For something like the AK47 or UZI, the Red Dot Sight will be there when you need it.

Go for the big guns

Most of my matches went far more smoothly once I had the M249 in hand. This massive LMG seems to plant itself in the center of the map whenever it isn’t equipped by someone already. Its insane rate of fire and massive magazine tears through enemies. In the right hands, you can easily rack up 5-6 kills before your own quickly emerging god complex gets the better of you.

The best way to grab this is by pushing ahead to the left or right of the warehouse building. Once it’s safe, sprint through the complex spamming your equip button as you do. Its placement is on full view of the map, so you don’t want to spend even .01 of a second longer there than you need to.

Once you have it, just keep calm. Play as normal (slowly), knowing a quick spray of bullets is all it’ll take to drop someone to the floor. Let the recoil guide you up from their torso. Just be warned – this thing covers most of your right-side view.

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