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Probably Impractical For Me to Upgrade to the Last of Us: Part II PS4, Right?

The PS5 is so close, but still feels far away.

The PlayStation 5 is months away at this point, and the PlayStation 4 I’ve had since launch has served me well for nearly seven years. Sure, it sounds like it’s about to take off the ground the moment I put a video game into it, but the games still run and if I put headphones in I can drown out the sound of the fire hazard sitting next to my television. So it would just be silly for me to purchase a PlayStation 4 Pro with art based on The Last of Us: Part II, right?

Sony and Naughty Dog have announced that a new PlayStation 4 Pro model featuring artwork of protagonist Ellie’s tattoo will be launching alongside the game on June 19. The controller that comes with it will also have the tattoo along the grip, as well as the game’s logo on the touchpad. The bundle will run you $399 USD/$499 CAD, but you’ll also be able to buy the controller separately for $64.99 USD/$74.99.

Beyond the console bundle, Sony seems to be slapping the game’s logo and Ellie’s tattoo design onto whatever it can, as it will also be releasing The Last of Us: Part II-branded Sony Gold Wireless Headsets ($99.99 USD/ $119.99 CAD) and a 2TB external hard drive ($89.99 USD/ $114.99 CAD). Which, I guess you might need considering the game is supposed to be over 100GB in size.

In other news:

The Last of Us: Part II’s June release date came after the game was indefinitely delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic complicating worldwide shipping. Things were so up-in-the-air that Sony opted to remove it from the PlayStation Network store entirely until things were sorted out. But once the new date was out there and in the world, it turns out the delay only was around three weeks long, which was probably good for the developers, because Naughty Dog had been vocal that the game was nearly complete and ready to hit its original May release date.

Since then, however, The Last of Us: Part II has been really going through it. Not only did footage of key scenes and plot details surface online (although Sony and Naughty Dog have disputed a circulated rumor that the source of the leak was a disgruntled employee protesting the company’s crunch policies), but GameStop caused some hoopla after it, in a tone deaf way, tried to make the inclusion of dogs as enemies into a bullet point with some extremely gross marketing speak. If you haven’t yet, check out our list of terms and phrases related to The Last of Us: Part II that you might want to mute to avoid spoilers between now and the June 19 release date.

Even before that The Last of Us: Part II was not having the best of times, as it was going to be shown off at PAX East, but was pulled off the showfloor due to coronavirus concerns.

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