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Poncle Will Announce When Vampire Survivors Will Leave Early Access This Month

The game has been in Early Access since December.

It sounds like Vampire Survivors is nearly out of Early Access, as developer Luca Galante (aka Poncle) will be announcing when the game will receive its 1.0 patch at the end of the month.

The announcement will come on September 29, which is two weeks away. Yes, this is an announcement of an announcement, but Poncle is also releasing a new patch for Vampire Survivors today, as well. Patch v0.11.3 adds the Super Candybox II Turbo, a new weapon, as well as Arcana XXI – Blood Astronomia modifier. The patch also includes missingN, a secret character that has only been unlockable through editing the game’s files, up to this point.

The full patch notes are right here, and you can check out the Arcana XXI teaser below:

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Vampire Survivors launched in Early Access last December, and really took off in the New Year. If you’re a long-time player or looking to maybe jump in when the game leaves Early Access, be sure to check out all of Fanbyte’s guide coverage on unlocks, upgrades, and even a cheat list before you leave.

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