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Obituary: My Hopes For A Sequel to The Order: 1886

They lived a long, unfulfilling life.

My Hopes For a Sequel to The Order: 1886, 5, passed away peacefully yesterday surrounded by my other hopes and dreams after developer Ready At Dawn was acquired by Facebook and Oculus.

Friends described My Hopes For a Sequel to The Order: 1886 as “foolish,” considering the game’s lukewarm reception when it launched in 2015 exclusively on the PlayStation 4 as part of a deal between Ready at Dawn and Sony. While some others were quick to point out that because Sony owns the IP of The Order, a hypothetical The Order: 1887 could still happen one day, the coroner told friends and family of My Hopes For a Sequel to The Order: 1886 to “not get any other hopes up” that Sony might still be looking to partner with another studio that might continue the story of Sir Galahad, though they did not expect some people would listen to their advice.

Family described My Hopes For a Sequel to The Order: 1886’s passing as “a shame,” given that the original game ended on a cliffhanger, and had a pretty interesting world and set up for a follow-up that doesn’t look like it will ever happen. Though they still hold out hope that one day a studio might come around and revive it.

One particularly angry family member said My Hopes For a Sequel to The Order: 1886 could still be alive this day, or even have just straight up manifested as an actual sequel, had the industry realized that we need more six to eight hour AAA experiences and not threw it under the bus. Maybe it would’ve helped if it had been able to better balance its moment to moment with its cinematic storytelling and impressive tech, as well as carve out a more distinct identity in its shooter mechanics. Because despite a setting that really opened up a lot of possibilities for interesting artillery, only a few weapons moved beyond the most basic of designs and uses.

My Hopes For a Sequel to The Order: 1886 are predeceased by My Hopes For a Sequel to Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time and My Hopes For a Sequel to PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale as members of Sony’s stable of IP that it’s just not really doing much with.

There is no service planned at this time.

In other news:

Now that Ready At Dawn is working exclusively with Facebook and Oculus, the studio will be developing games for VR platforms first and foremost. Right now, the studio is working on Lone Echo II, the sequel to 2017’s VR adventure game that centered around low gravity mechanics and using them to explore environments. The game was a collaboration between the company and Oculus, and was a major contributor to the decision to acquire the studio, according to the statement released by the publisher.

Despite being part of Oculus now, Ready At Dawn will primarily be independently run, a sentiment the company also expressed when it acquired Sanzaru Games back in February.

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